Double tapping top row buttons


Im getting much better at double tapping but only with the bottom row of buttons on my eight arc. The top row i am having trouble with because i keep pressing lk or mk when im trying to double tap lp. I just want to know what any of your techniques are towards double tapping buttons on the top row so that I can maybe go off of it and do link combos more properly


Ride the rim of the button.
I use middle then index to tap it, let my nail do the work and crash my finger tips into the rim of the button. I don’t think I can recall a time that I’ve ever hit another button by accident doing it that way.


ill try that method, thank you


I can make you a quick video if you can’t figure it out.


that would actually be very helpful


its just practice, keep at it and you’ll become more accurate

when i was learning to double tap i would practice double tapping keys on my keyboard at work

jjhhyykkjjll;;pp etc


how in the world are you double tapping on your keyboard?


I’ll try to remember that video tonight.


haha guess u forgot


You’d think that…
I made the video, but it’s on my phone and I can’t find my data cable.
I have an extra cable, but it’s at work.
If it doesn’t work embedded, watch it on YT.


nice video. Thanks alot


Pinkest stick I have seen.


It was the first one I grabbed… I got like 7 sticks. lol


instead of double tapping you could always try plinking, it works the same as double tapping but instead of pressing the same button twice, you press the weaker version of the attack (e.g. medium kick > light kick) you have to press the button next to it at the same speed you would do double tapping. when you double tap to practice you just give each finger a wider space then it should be a good distance and practice for plinking. im sure theres a video on this on youtube. the only problem with this is that you cant plink light punch but you can plink any other button. using plinking you can press focus attack to absorb a hit then plink the taunt with the focus (because taunt is done with heavy attacks and focus is with mediums they can plink) so it would look like you absorbed a hit by taunting (this also works with dans super taunt :P)


Few things wrong with this.

  1. You’re assuming he’s only playing 2012 and UMvC3, where plinking is viable. It’s not in any other FG as far as I know (Save MvC3, SSF4, SF4, etc.)
  2. It doesn’t work the same, in the sense that plinking is geared towards 1-frame links. Double tapping is often geared towards 2-frame links and special links. I say special links in the sense that, if you have a combo that links into a specific strength of an attack, you don’t want the wrong one to come out by accident. Due to negative edge, it can help you with a 1-frame link.
  3. You can plink jabs with select/back. Sako does it, IIRC.
  4. Double tapping will not help you with a 1-frame link.


What he did was rewired the stick so his right-most top button hits select/back, enabling him to plink jabs.