Double Teleport

Double teleport, if done with right timing, could be a good way to change side and in some cases to escape from the corner.
The trick is to yoga fire first, and recover from the first TP+ppp while opponent is in blockstun (blocking the fireball). Then immediatly do another back TP+KKK or a backdash.

I think PPN do that really smart.
Check his videos:


0:27 -> very nice
2:30 -> done with a little lag. But he can block a light attack
3:49 -> luckily FB hits

Some notes:

  • done at maximum distance gives you more time to decide/see what’s going on. So use s.HP to keep distance before FB.
  • unfortunately opponents are used to jump a FB backwards to prevent IAT.
  • Using EX fireball it should work better (I cannot test it)

i agree dtp is pretty nice, but you get the same result if you tp after block fb into mix up into backdash right?

the distance will change. A back TP normally go farer than a backdash.

I was checking the frames:

LP/MP/HP fireballs do 18 frames of blockstun while EX fireball does 26.
Punch Teleport active frames are 48 and the first 29 of them are invincible.
I’m not sure but I think Sim will disappear in the first 29, and reappear during the last 19.

That means that you’ve to reapper while enemy is going to block to be safe.
I would like to need to test it, but my xbox is service centre :sweat:

I’m not understanding how to do this properly. I’ve seen Japanese dhalsims teleport behind someone afteer a knockdown and immediately teleport again further back. Is it just a timing issue?

I personally make it a point to never back dash against Honda.

I discover that PPN and Mochi do a TP that I call “lowest instant air teleport”, that is different from the normal TP and IAT.
Simply do f,d,df,f,fu + PPP without waiting between fu and PPP.

You will perform a teleport with a very small recovery. I’ve started to use in a lot of setups in ssf4.
I will open a topic about it.

Thanks gore, That solved it for me. Hopefully I can put it to use in the future

You need it, every Sim need to know that LIAT. I win a lot of matches using that, and I find some tricks to make opponent guess which side he has to block :wink:

Awesome Gore. Looking forward to setups youve crafted after LIAT.

I’ve been using LIAT the entire time not knowing that anyone didn’t know about it. Sometimes depending on the situation you can throw a fireball ad you simply don’t have the time to IAT to start a combo from the air. Instead you “LIAT” and start the combo with b.MK during the fireball damage animation. If they block it you can easily escape.

Yeah, it’s exactly how it works. LIAT has a small recovery because when Sim reappears, he’s almost touching the ground.
I discover it in training mode, but that was just a coincidence.
It was funny to read again this thread where I were asking how to do the teleport so fast lol

PPN used a lot, but only in defensive mode.
Used with fireball in the screen is great, because opponent could “lost” his joystick inputs, or could make a reversal in the wrong direction.
You can use also as bait, especially if opponent thinks he can punish it as a normal TP.

As a side note, I find it funny when someone asks how to block the fireball mixup. Because, yes… the answer is to block away from sim or to jump back away from full screen fireballs instead of just blocking them. But, when it comes to blocking a meaty fireball teleport mixup the answer is complicated. Since, frankly… when I’m performing teh mixup I have no idea which way they should be blocking. Depending on what side of them Sim is on when the fireball hits they may have to block either direction and I just try to time it during that ambiguous period.

I agree, and that’s why now on mixups I only use mp and EX fireball instead of LP.
Unfortunately some charge chars can simply do down->up without thinking (like Chun leg’s EX, and Rog’s headbutt).

Why mp and Ex fireball?

ex has more blockstun, giving you more time to recover and be safe. Not 100% sure about mp, but maybe because it travels faster then lp so you would mp flame, tele, the flame hits your opponent and during his blockstun you tele again. not sure if that made sense but its kinda hard to explain.

Yeah halloween said right. Generally I prefer them because of their speed. Ex version is the best. Mp flame is useful if you’ve a super.
All I say is referred if the opponent is on the floor.
In future I’ll show in a thread what I mean.