DOUBLE! The Yuri strats >

Long post warning… be prepared!

It seems that there has been an upsurge in Yuri popularity lately, although this is probably due to the fact that CvS2 is so old now, people are running out of experiments to run!Regardless, I find Yuri to be pretty fun, weak, but can hold her own if she gets a chance. The main problem with her is that she has to do so much work to deal damage, it is pretty disheartening to see Sagat hit a couple randomly judged cr.fierces and suddenly u r nearly dead!

Here is some random stuff I have learned, but by all means post and improve upon this stuff, I want to get better too! This thread is for people who may want to start using Yuri but have no idea where to begin. Read on little ones!

I will not be talking much about A-Groove strats and setups in this thread, use another thread for that.

My strategy with Yuri is to apply pressure by zoning and hopefully score a knockdown. After a knockdown apply more pressure with her block strings and BnBs to score another knockdown… repeat. If opponent escapes, apply zoning tactics again.

Here are the tools u will need>>>

Anti Airs:
In order to start pressuring in close, Yuri needs to prevent the opponent from jumping in, ever. Any time the opponent jumps in must be considered an opportunity to score a knockdown.

cr.fierce- a standard uppercut, probably Yuri’s stock anti-air. This is fairly reliable and does good damage (for Yuri). Need to hit the button fairly early otherwise u will probably trade hits.

qcb+p- Saifa! For AA purposes, u want to be using the lp version of this. U also need to pick the jump fairly early. This AA becomes infinitely better when RCd.

hcb+k- The 100 slaps move, should only be used as AA if u can RC it, but then becomes quite threatening.

dp+p- her shoryuken move, only the lp version has reliable anti-air priority, and even then it is preferable to hit this as early as possible (a deep hit will do more damage, but is less reliable by far).

far st.rh- not really the best AA option, but it can be used to keep far jumpers away.

qcf+p- her fireball, has quite a large hitbox, so can be used somewhat effectively against opponents who will beat out your st.rh AA. Probably best to use the lp version, as it comes out faster.

As u can see, since she has a wide variety of AAs, it can be hard to get in close. For me, Yuri is a zoning beast… possibly even better (in many ways than Sakura). Her main zoning weapon is her far st.rh, which is just the same as Sakura’s, but slightly less range. Yuri can control the match when opponents are just outside this range. When this occurs, she has options:

-continued st.rh, either to zone or to inflict guard damage. This is pretty much unpunishable unless u get predictable.

-qcf+k. Her air fireball has notriously short range, but the idea is not really to hit your opponent, it is just to keep them locked and frustrated.

-qcf+p. Use this to harass your opponent, this move knocks down if hit! Used appropriately this will net alot of opportunities to get in close.

-RCd hcb+k. Obviously used to go through your opponent’s attacks, but can be punished if blocked.

Other pokes include, just a generic low forward, isnt bufferbale, but has good range and is fast enough to do the job. can also be used as harassment (like Terry’s, snuffs out a few moves.

OK, these are pretty much going to be your main weapons.

The plan for Yuri, is to lock your opponent down in such a way that they jump or roll at you, at which point u can punish and reset your ‘trap’.

To be continued…

Last time I talked about her general AA and zoning options. This time, its all about her jump ins and set ups from this.

Jump ins:

Thankfully, Yuri has one of the best crossups in the game…

Not only does it stay out for a long time (like Guile’s, but the crossup box is FAT. This means that it is possible for Yuri to create truly ambiguous crossups, unlike say Iori where u know u just have to block the other way. also has good priority nearly matching Rolento’s j.lp! Thus, u can jump in with this early for some guaranteed Air to air dominance.

You can also throw out a (which looks similar) to fake the crossup, land, and throw.

If the crossup hits, the followup combo I do nearly every time is just cr.lp,, dp+hp, dp+hp. this combo I think is ideal because u never have to worry about screwing up, which is bad if you’re in a tight match. Plus the distance at the end is ideal to set up more zoning or crossup mixups.

If the crossup is blocked, you can go straight into her block strings, and from there, start zoning again.

Yuri Blocked Strings:
At point blank range, you can pretty much do whatever u like. The key is to not get predictable and eat a reversal dragon punch. The key to remember here is that Yuri’s is bufferable…

cr.lp,,, qcf+p. this is generally quite safe, just dont do it in the corner, otherwise you’ll end up recovering from your fireball right next to the opponent.

similarly u can do cr.lp, cr.hp, qcf+p. Fairly safe.

cr.lp,,, qcf+k. use wisely, as it can be quite easy for the opponent to roll through.

And so on… just remember, if you start getting out of range, resume st.rh until either the opponent does something stupid, or u spot an opportunity to get in and pressure again.

I should talk about the qcf+k here:
The horizontal range gets longer the heavier attack u press. qcf+hk goes a lot further than qcf+lk. For this reason, I would stick (by default) to qcf+lk. Because this one lingers in the air for quite a long time it will stop rolls and even some RCs. The hk version I would only use as a meaty attack to pressure opponents who have been knocked down, as it is easily jumped over or rolled through.

To be continued…

Some final Yuri thoughts.

Yuri has many disadvantages and problems. Lets address some of them.

1- her air fireball is easily punished. This gets worse when facing poking beasts like Sagat, and Cammy, as they can easily trade hits with most of their main pokes (cr and st.fierce for Sagat, st.rh for Cammy). Other characters (Blanka!) can jump on reaction and land clean a j.rh. For this reason this move must be used wisely, as either a random part of a zoning pattern, buffered from a, or as a meaty attack.

RCd moves will usually trade vs air fireball as the fireballs move horizontally so slowly, they normally catch the opp at the end of their RC invincibility. Still, RCd Blanka balls will give u a few problems here. In fact, RC Blanka is a nightmare for Yuri.

Remember trading hits as Yuri is not advisable, as she will almost ALWAYS come off worse.

2- her crossup game is completely nullified by a) wakeup DPs, b) wakeup supers. Of course, if u can find an opportunity to land one, do so, but dont jump in blindly.

3- her supers SUCK. Even her C Groove super cancels do pitiful damage. The main practical use for her supers is to use the fireball super as Anit-air. Because of this, u are pretty much committed to picking Yuri first in your lineup. She actually works well as a battery character because her specials are fast (u can use alot of them). The only reason to use meter is to perform alpha counters… and Yuri’s are good. Dont tempt fate by thinking u can can counter cr.lks or Cammy st.rh all day tho. All n all, save meter for your second character.

anything else??

Random Yuri stuff:
As should be obvious, Yuri takes damage like the little girl she is, and deals it out without much venom. you really need to work hard to make her effective. Works best chipping away and pissing off the opponent who expects to get past her quickly.

Her dash is quick and effective, doesnt lose much by not being in a run groove. Good way to set up, buffer into whatever. I have not experimented with Yuri corpse hopping yet, so not sure if this works for her.

Speaking of buffering… if u do score a knockdown with HK and buffer it into qcf+k, the fireball will not connect. Its best to wait a bit and then execute.

qcf+lp and qcb+lp are the best ways to randomly build meter. Use after a knockdown, or a successful dp+lp, etc etc, they’re fast enough to recover from and then still be able to resume your attack.

Her best (only?) wakeup (apart from lvl 3 supers) is her dp+lp. Not as reliable as a wakeup tiger uppercut and seems to get stuffed quite often. Use when desperate. Apparently u can use hcb+k as wakeup, but it never works for me. Meh.

Her roll is good!! at 24 frames that is the same as Kim! The only problem is its not abusable due to her lack of decent wakeup… damn! Meh, its an option if u want to roll>>super I guess.

Groove picks:
C-Groove- super cancels add little,but good to have counters though. Builds meter fast for your 2nd character. Can RC. Good groove for Yuri.
A-Groove- probably her best groove as she can RC and custom. She has a variety of setups for her custom too, so using meter is not neccessarily a waste in A Groove. Has decent AA and GC customs too.
P- can not deal enough damage to justify the risk of parrying.
S- Cant RC, thus is quite vulnerable to rushdown. Unlimited supers does not benefit her, wont survive long enough to use them with her low life.
N- versatile as always… this groove is the same for everyone IMO. Its an option.
K- has too many moves that leave her vulnerable… this means that situations to effectively JD will be few. Again, cant deal enough damage to recommend. Depends on your rushdown mixup skills tho. Could be effective.

Lets go with this order: A, C, N/K, S, P.

That iss all, I look forward to everyone else’s strats.

Oh wait, some final final things i should have mentioned but forgot to:

Vs K/P Groove:
Because Yuri has so many different AAs and the timing is different for all of them, K Groove users will find it hard to JD/Parry your AAs, just make sure u mix them up and not use cr.fierce everytime. Thats asking for punishment!

(qcb+p) is a good move to use against constant rollers because the hitbox is such that even if they roll through u they will get hit on the other side. Sweet. Just watch out they dont bait u into it!

A lp Saifa is a good way to bait the opponent into eating a qcf+lp btw.

If the opponent is trying to cross you up, usually the best option is to roll. Eating one crouching fierce is always preferable to eating a large combo, especially for Yuri since she doesnt have much life anyway. Play her like you would if you had next to no health left!

An interesting use for her air fireball is to land a very meaty one, and then jump after it, hopefully crossing the opponent, but I have yet to test this in actual play… I will update this when I do.

Im outi, finally.

Actually, I would say that her dash kick super is better for Anti Air … but you have to do it kind of late. And make sure its a bit in front of you also. Once you get it down its too good.

have you ever tried using a mp chou upper for anti air? I messed around with it a little in training mode against some high priority jump ins and it can beat them sometimes. more than the lp version at least.

and also, maybe I’m cancelling or something but I think you can link a cr. lk into a level 2 chou reppa, if not level 2 than level 3 for sure.

and dashing over downed guys with Yuri works just as good as anyone. you can even bash forward and back again if they catch on to it.

Why do people continue to do “all-purpose” threads when there’s an all-purpose FORUM for Yuri already? The reason the forums were split up was so there would be little itty bitty threads with concise information, thus making it easier to find information. Instead of having to search for “anti-P/K strats” in a 10 page thread, they just look at the subject headings in the forum.

You guys are RUINING SRK.