Double Thread: A Reading from the Gospel According to Cthulhu


Shoryuken Wiki:

First look:

GameTrailers walkthrough with Mike Z. linked by SRK here:

Additional information to come soon.

Yep. Toodles’ main confirmed.

And here I am.

And there he is.

By god YES! You guys made me the happiest guy on the planet. Hopefully she synergizes well with Peacock, I can’t wait to see how Double turns out!

So, she’s a big girl. Does this game have stuff like instant overheads?

Final Skullgirls character revealed, awesome! I can’t wait for this game! XD

Oh this may have just shifted my team around.

Double Peacock Fortune anyone?

I’m very mixed about this character. I really am not that big a fan of the Mokujin type of fighter in fighting games and I was looking more forward to Bloody Marie. On the other hand Alex seemed to completely redesign her for the better (her old concept art was downright fugly compared to this IMO) and it’s nice that we finally find out she’s been that nun character we’ve seen all over the Cathedral stage and w/ Marie in the end of the Story Mode trailer.

Wait, does that mean Marie’s been starting a Skull Girl based religion or cult this whole time?

Double is not a Mokujin.

Still same basic concept. But I’ll wait until the character walkthrough is posted before I change my mind on her or not.

Can’t wait to play this character. I’m really impressed with the whole ‘remix’ of other characters moves she’s got going on, also, using attacks that were previously cut is amazing goes to show how much hard work was put into the game.

She’s on my team of 3 for sure.

I was pretty excited before, now that there’s a shoggoth nun I’m hitting hype :smiley:

Mokujin is just a model swap that changes to a different character every round.

Double turns into other characters in one single moveset, most them not existing on any character except herself, has her own unique supers, and does not change at all between rounds/matches.

Again, that’s Seth at best, and nothing like Mokujin/Mimic characters.

So, judging from what we have seen so far, Double has an attack originally intended for Cerebella that more or less references R. Mika’s butt charge, Mike mentions this works somewhat like Cere’s run. Double also seems to get to fire Parasoul’s gun. She also has several interesting normals like what seems to be Fortune’s launcher, Parasoul’s Ken kick and so on. In addition her grab seems to be entirely her own, while one of her supers is Peacock’s scrapped car super. Anyone else hoping for an amazing, squishy command grab? Failing that, at least getting a copied one. Also, while she’s quite large her dash also seems to go really far very quickly.

EDIT: Well crap, most of this is on the wiki, oh well. Her launcher being named Impawster is kind of funny.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about Double gameplay, I guess I need to wait until after the walkthrough is up? All I’ll say is that I REEALLY like her other supers and i think you guys will too!

Well, Jmcrofts, could you at least describe her general playstyle for now ? Just tell us whether she is a trap/mix-up/rushdown/zoning oriented character, and stuff like that.

I would tell you if I knew but it’s kind of hard to say before getting more time with her in actual matches. She’s definitely nothing like the rest of the cast!

Wow, her ground throw is called Godhand?! Dude, now I gotta main Cere and Double.

Curse you, Reverge! You always know how to get me hype XD

It’s official, Double’s theme is