Double Thread: A Reading from the Gospel According to Cthulhu



Double’s crouching hitbox is pretty low to the ground so I don’t think there are instant overheads that work on her but not anyone else. Kind of Blackheart-esque I guess.


This is such a great take on mimics. I can’t wait to see the rest.


Her animation is so disgustingly beautiful. I’m glad she actually talks and isn’t just some mindless monster pet to the Skullgirl.


You guys just couldn’t resist after working with Yamane and Konami, could you?


If anything Double is more like Orge.


Gametrailers 2-part walkthrough is up, oh my:


So far, I think that she might be a little tricky with the timing of ground-to-air-to-ground combos, but she definitely has the tools to be a monster in capable hands and a great intermediate character to learn.


Double isn’t really a mimic character, she is more like a composite character with moves that the cast don’t have. The fact that she has such a diverse set of hitboxes/hurtboxes makes it vastly different than your typical Seth/Necrid/Orge/etc style character.

This is much better than SCV having 4 Mokujins at the same time.


Cool, I like how you can see other characters in her level 3 such as Umbrella, Squigly, etc.


Finally saw the walkthrough. Between the ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’ and the lvl5, I need new pants.
Holy crap I want to play this now, even more than before.


The level 3, THE LEVEL 3! My god, nothing can top thi-


I’m usually not much of a training mode guy, but Double just screams “Get in there and practice” for me, and the bouncing bullet special might be useful as an anti-air for Peacock…


So Guys, does anyone has a list on who she copied on the Level 3?


1.) Tommy 10-Tons
2.) Filia
3.) Parasoul
4.) Painwheel
5.) Cerebella
6.) Umbrella
7.) Peacock
8.) Fortune
9.) Andy Anvil
10.) Valentine
11.) [spring]
12.) Black Dahlia(sp?)
13.) Squigly
14.) Victoria


The level 5…why does this game want all my dreams to come true?!


In Order:

Tommy Ten Tons (imitating Ryu’s shin srk)
Filia (Salon Treatment - j.HP)
Parasoul (Poêle à Frire - j.HP)
Painwheel (Animosity Spears - c.HP)
Cerebella (Boost-iere - c.HP)
Umberella (??? - ???)
Peacock (Springboard Panic - MK)
M.Fortune (X-scrape Claws - j.HP)
Andy Anvil (with vicious uppercut)
Valentine (Craniotonomy - j.HP)
Spring (Peacock ukemi)
??? (??? - ???) [I speculate Black Dhalia, just sayin]
Squiggs (??? - ???)
D. Violet [Victoria] (??? - ???)

[Edit] Ninja’d. Sonnava–!


Anyone think it may be very easy to defend against Double? There seems to be enough time during her normals to see which char she’s becoming and therefore know what possible moves shell do? Granted it is only a split second but would that amount of notification put Doubles offense at a slight disadvantage?


Isn’t it applies for every move’s start-up frames?


Best to wait until you play the game against a competent double—or until Friday Night Fights.


Do you know when the youtube page usually gets updated?

Doubles 2nd super is gonna be so much fun, and that lvl 5 super is just absolutely nuts.


Are you talking about for FNF? Because they haven’t put up anything new on their youtube page except for the character trailers and even those aren’t put up until a day after GameTrailers or whichever other website’s exclusive of it.