Double Tornado Hook combo help?

Ok before I never knew this combo existed until now and it’s fierce tornado hook, jab tornado hook … right? but after that I’ve been trying to at least deliver at least one more hit but I can only do one standing jab since the jab tornado hook knocks down, is anything else possible like a Electric Blaster, or Magnetic Storm. Plus does this double tornado hook work as average poke at all.

If you’re gonna use fierce tornado hook (it’s real easy to see coming and any opponent that isn’t terrible will counter it every time), then follow up with b+fk, and then strong tornado hook, insert super here. If you want to do damage but only have enough meter for an EX, then b+fk and EX tornado hook is good too.

If it weren’t for some of my SI vids I found w/ necro it wouldn’t have helped gettin some of his combos back w. frce TH and variations of it…So here goes…and If i’m wrong somewhere…contact me…

Alright you’ve got frce th…then jab TH…

(th= tornado hook)

  • jab electro (possible to continue that, still in experiment)
  • another jab TH
  • db. frce (elbow- you can TRY to execute multi elbows from that but it’s best if you try after the Frce TH…In most cases you can hit them w/ the elbow for 6 consecutive hits-- Zar the Biscuit started that notion and showed it to me…It is possible even if it’s not even from TH and just hits…Keep in mind it’s only possible in corner…)

As from frce TH

  • B. Frce…to another one (AZN hitler stylin! XD )

  • B. Rh - st. str- Th/super…etc…

i’m gonna cut it short for now till I can have time to pull in the rest…Gotta practice… Thank goodness for the Green Goblin DC stick XD