Double Total Destruction Combo!

That’s right kids you can put two total destruction supers in the same combo without system direction turned on! It’s not really a glitch but if you activate total destruction and then trade hits with the opponent while doing qcf+P Q and his opponent will explode(doing normal damage) but Q will be standing on the ground(assuming the trading move doesn’t knock down). The time on Q’s bar remains the same which allows you to do the super all over again! Yo, that’s awesome! That in turn allows you to juggle the enemy with any move(s) you want even another total destruction qcf+P! The only move that seems to trade hits with Q in this situation is Necro’s magnetic storm super though I’m sure there’s a couple more. You must do it while magnetic storm is already going and stick Q’s arm into it. If you don’t get it the first time just keep trying. It works and it’s beautiful yo! If Necro was in the corner you can do total destruction(qcf+P), juggle with a light rush punch(charge b,f+jab punch), and then juggle with another total destruction(qcf+P)!!! It won’t ever come up in a real match but damn would it make good on a combo video. Hey Exodus, how ya like me know? Theory fighter rules yo. I actually parried Necro’s magnetic storm and then since I was at a distance I did qcf+P(total destruction) with Q and he leaned back out of range of the next hit and traded for the last allowing me to juggle. If someone did that in a tourney it would rock, but alas it will never come to pass. Oh well, until next time keep it real yo!

Old, old, old.

You can do repeated Total Destruction’s QCF+P move on Sean’s basketball.

We don’t really want to hear your achievements at your local arcade scene. We don’t care for those. We have other threads for that stuff. So, please stop posting until you have something that’s related to strategy. Sorry, but your inane rambling about your own achievements aren’t appreciated in strategy thread.

Old as SlimX, holy hell that’s old!


It’s old. So what? I haven’t seen it on a post and I’ve skimmed the old ones not shown regularly too. I came up with it on my own without reading it so give me a little credit atleast. What have you come up with on your “own” without reading. Don’t judge me b/c you don’t know me. I’m the only one who seems to post strategy related material anyways. Everbody else just sits back and amps on stuff. I know it’s been known around “these parts” now, OK let’s move on. I know I have. I mean look at it this way. Am I supposed to be psychic? No, I didn’t think so! I post something I haven’t seen before so say it’s old and get in as many cracks as you can before you eventually run out of things to say and have to leave. Where’s the strategy guys!!!

ummm…where’s the strategy…let’s see…

oh. it’s come and gone already. you’re about 2 years late.

You’re full of it. Since you’re lying, there’s not much to actually say, but I’ll run down the list anyway. You saw this video, or one like it, and you thought it was pretty obscure. Then you came here and created ANOTHER thread, even when you had already made a pointless one about TD. I’m sure you tried trading hits with every move in the game and just happened to stumble on magnetic storm, yeah, right. You didn’t just “figure out” trade hit with magnetic storm, juggle with dash punch, TD again.

Who was judging you(Excluding this post, which is judging you very much)? Two people posted that it was old. Awww, did we hurt your feelings? I think somebody here has a complex. As exodus mentioned, the strategy for Q ended a long time ago, but wait, you skimmed all the posts… you would have known that, right? I guess not. There are pages and pages of Q strategy in these forums, I guess you missed them. Why don’t you go back to dirtying up the Ryu boards with your denjin posts.

No, wait…
Oh, oh, how about this?

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SlimX, CrazyDazed, exodus, and StreakSRM.

I love you guys! :smiley:

locustcheese can’t escape the claw. :lol:

I didn’t see a video with it or anything like it. I didn’t try trading hits with everything in the game either. I’ll tell you how I found it. I said to myself, “I wonder if total destruction qcf+P can hit a move when the opponent’s move is still in active hit frames?”. It’s obvious that one of the easiest moves with a large amount of active hit frames is magnetic storm seeing as how it constantly hits. It just so happened to be that when I tried it it traded hits. After that of course I tried a couple of other moves and supers but with no success. I even went back and tried it on Sean’s ball and had no luck but I imagine that’s b/c you must time it and I didn’t feel like sitting there that long until I got it.

I don’t have a complex. I think ya’ll do b/c everytime I say something that a pro might come up with ya’ll say that I saw it somewhere else and copied it. Either that or ya’ll misunderstand what I say and then when I finally clearly explain it to the ignorant masses who couldn’t easily see what I was saying to begin with ya’ll say that I changed my story when it’s obvious I didn’t. No, I know what to look for. I can’t help it if ya’ll don’t and I do. It’s a talent I have and no I’m not full of myself. I know what’s good and what ain’t and I can usually see stuff from a lotta different point of views. Ya’ll need to learn to see things from different sides. It’s all top tier bull crap Jap nut huggin’ if you ask me. I’m not saying that Japan isn’t better than U.S. in most fighting games and this one’s no different but I wonder why? Maybe it’s b/c they beat us at our own game (which is actually their game). All peeps do over here is say ah that must be the best b/c they use it. NO!!! It just means it is really good, it don’t mean it’s Jesus. It don’t mean copy it either. Ya’ll wanna say I copy. Get real ya’ll do! Everybody is pretty much the same all around the world and until we stop holding them up on a pedestal we ain’t gettin’ nowhere. I still give them respect and all but enough is enough.

I’m gonna try and make it that tourney in January but I can’t make any promises. Then ya’ll will see that I can really play and ya’ll will shut up for good.



locust…charlotte, NC tournament. jan 24th. money bet. best 4 out of 7 for $50…how about it?

Please be sure to tape it, if this actually happens to go down. :smiley:

Parry the ball first, then do the QCF+P. You’ll see an explosion, but the super isn’t spent. Then have Sean throw basketball over and over. More explosions, whee!

“It’s a talent I have and no I’m not full of myself.”


Play on dreamcast with 99 seconds per round, 2 out of 3 rounds per match, and best 4 out of 7 matches wins gets the 50 bucks and your on. I know I shouldn’t gamble with my money but what the hey, I’ve made enough mistakes so far so what’s one more gonna hurt? Videotape it too, I don’t care.

I’m willin gto drive to wilson and play you =D, actually i’ll think i’ll instant message you now.

Record the matches. :stuck_out_tongue: