Double Ultra is Glitched



After using it for 10 Hours of play I have come to the conclusion that for some reason the Circular input of Ultra 2 is overlapped by ultra1/Supers input so even if you spin the stick you can still randomly get a freaking charge move. Someone post this on Capcom unity please. If anyone can record it happening in training mode that would be awesome. It seems like this has happend before because characters like Gief and Hawk got there inputs changed to Kicks for their second ultras to avoid this. I think they just forgot about honda again. Also Decapre Crouch hurtbox is garbage. Her standing one is warped too. I can’t do cr.j hands on her crouching. This got fixed for rose and sakura in 2012 so I hoped this also gets fixed. Comments?


Yes, This matter that same T_T