Doubts about Delay Based NetCode, Rollback Netcode & Frame Data


Hello everyone! You’ll have to excuse my english since it’s not my native language, and I’m kinda rusty in my writing.

I’m new and fresh to this forum, and I’ve been trying to understand, for a while now, the difference in Delay & Rollback Netcodes and the importance of Frames in a Delay Based NetCode.

As I understand from a Youtuber I watch (Maximilian), Delay Based is as the title stays: Your inputs are delayed, I believe, based on your frame delay as a result of your connection. And Rollback is more of a prediction game made by the system based on your connection as well.

My most pressing doubt tho, is understanding the frame data in games. I studied some animation in college and as I understand, in a 30 based FPS video, 1 frame is about 1/30 of a second so it’s kinda impossible to notice. And I’ve seen some players complain about the frame delay being bad when it’s above something of 7 frames and beyond. If the games run the same as in any other animation, meaning that they are in a 24 FPS base or 30 FPS base, is it really that bad? I believe it’s almost impossible to see those 7 or 5 frames you’re missing because of the connection. Unless the games express frames in another manner and not only animations?

I hope I expressed myself correctly, as I didn’t know quite well how to phrase these questions, and I do hope someone can clear my head on this. Thanks a lot!


actually, fighting games run at 60fps. And I agree with you, the input delay in them is negligible. I’ve never had any issues playing on PC or PS4. People complained about being able to punish on PS4 Tekken 7 and for me, as long as the connection was solid, I never had a problem. You’ll find that, especially in the FGC, people just like to complain about shit. It really bothers me when the old heads do it. They act like they don’t remember being a kid playing SF2 Turbo and not being able to look up replays of the greatest players that play the game in order to learn from them, or being able to play with a stranger not in your home at almost any time of day. So what if a few games lag, appreciate the technology we have right now and enjoy it.


The problem is in bold. When you want to do combos it comes to playing a song in the piano… but when you need to react to Ryu weaving his hands you need a smooth or reliable connection/console/port.

That’s why sf4 and marvel were played on Xbox360. Input lag was kinda the same but frame skipping on ps3 was unnaceptable.


When the delay between pushing the button on the controller and something happening on-screen gets past about 100 ms (about 6 frames) it becomes noticeable so the experience changes drastically somewhere in that range.


~22ms difference (USF4 on the Xbox360 vs on the PS3) isn’t kinda the same…

When it comes to input lag, the PC (without V-Sync) is the best platform for USF4, whereas the PS3 is the worst. That difference is such that online PC can be better than offline PS3, if you ask me. Xbox360 and PS4 are fine platforms for USF4; not as responsive as the PC, but still good.


sorry i was speaking of marvel 3 on input lag… but frameskipping was terrible :frowning: fucking capcom