Dovetail joins for fight sticks


This makes it look so easy. Figured others my like it.


LOL. “Quick n easy” my ass!

Bookmarked. Thanks.


No problem. I want to give this a go on my next stick. I think having a set of really sharp chisels may simplify things, and in truth I could see practice with this speeding up stick building greatly. The real trick would be getting solid 90° turns at all four corners prior to setting with glue. If you use a 1x1 to hold feet into place, you could use that to help square things up.


If you don’t need the extra rigidity of a dovetail (which you don’t with case corners), finger joints are way easier, look just as good due to the symmetry, and can be bashed out accurately with relatively simple power tools.

If you plank the wood from strips (like the corners of a log cabin) you literally only need a hand saw to make these.


I would definitely fuck up the angles lol.