Down Boston fighting game meetups


I have recently discovered a gaming spot which meets every Tuesday’s from 6pm-12am at Goodlife downtown boston (28 Kingston st boston ma 02118). They have all gaming systems new and old but not a big fighting game community when it comes to titles selected. I’m looking for street fighter 4 marvel players injustice etc… If not come anyway its a good time but lets start a community in the boston area. I’m new to forms so if this is posted somewhere I apologize.


Should we supply the games or do they already have majority of the games?


We should bring the games they have the set up but they mainly play smash bros and old fighters I’m trying to bring something current to the scene


And bring as many gamers as you can I need offline comp


Well on Tuesdays, most of the FG scene I know is over at Somerville, MA (they moved from Allston recently). I’ve been to the GoodLife Bar, but the scene’s not to my liking.

Plus, you get a platter of tacos for $3 at Game Over, Sommerville, MA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thought game over was mainly focused on smash


While there is a large disproportionate ratio between smash players vs the other fighting games, there are still… 10 - 20 players who play a combination of Ultra, Marvel, and Anime games. From what I remember, there’s not a whole lot of Tekken/KI there - Goodlife has that monopoly.