Down forward hard kick to.....?

Works well for safe jumps on certain characters and causing some DPs to whiff, but what is the best way to profit when it hits? What does it link well with?

I’m sure better players have better links, but as I have awful rhythm and thus my ability to link has always been suspect, I’ve always just gone for -> ex legs -> ultra (assuming I have ex meter and ultra meter)

I’m not sure exactly how much frame advantage you you have off a down forward hard kick, but even my, a 3 framer, gets blocked occasionally, so I’m assumed its either pretty tight, maybe +4?, or I’m just really REALLY bad, probably the latter, but regardless because it feels tight and I hate landing DF+HK and not getting any follow up, I always go for my most consistent option.

Unless it has changed from the time of publication, the bible states that it is +6 on hit and +2 on block

Frame advantage depends on how you time it. Most people don’t use this outside of wake-up situations, so you can actually make it safer (or even less safe) by timing it differently.

I usually just go for the link into EX Legs if I land, or BnB shorts/jabs into far HP if I need to save meter.

But, occasionally - especially online - I will take risks and do xx LK Hazanshu after landing df+HK because nobody online can block (whether by fault of their own or because of lag, I’m not judging lol).

Flip kick into lk hazanshu is a legit gimmick lol. I use it often, especially against Abel’s that mash their command throw after that move hits.

you love gimmicks dont you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah lol

Cl. HK xx EX Legs or Regular legs after landing a DF+HK is always pretty good.

It’s tricky but fun to do it to cr mk then ex sbk as a combo.

Was practicing yesterday doing this, if you space it right, you can combo it into the whole back mk Kintekishu, Tenkukyaku, Tenshokyakuto to like ultra. You have to be like mid distance, far but not too far, for it to work. I was practicing cancelling out of the Tenkukyaku and back dash to safety on missing it.

is this off a counted hit? I don’t see how can link to since is plus 6 on hit and has 9 frame startup.

I’m not really sure actually, but I think what’s happening is, depending how you space it, it connects later in the active frames, like as I do it I try to hit him as late and low on the other side as possible, get over and down his hitbox. Had more luck from further, but I do get it from pretty close 1z too. Here’s a screen cap vid from snagit I land a few, could easily have done u2 there. I’ve got the cancel to stomps before, but it’s kind of hard to pull off.

if standing you need CH to link

if crouching you need meaty as f*ck and luck

Ah, I never realized what the “counterhit” option in training mode was all about, thought it was like if the cpu would try to counter hit you. :smiley:

Thanks to that other thread I just realized you can do df.HK > clst.HP > HSBK for 358 dmg [meter-less].

df.HK > d.LK x2 > EX LL is 264 dmg.

I think df.HK > clst.HP and then M.Hasanshu can do 300 dmg. Though it’s not a combo.

I’m not sure if you can change it to MSBK > super so I’m going to test it. Edit: nope, they fall out of HP > MSBK I believe.

Similar to the MK combos timing, you can do df.HK > db.HP > MSBK > Super for 526 dmg. Pretty hard to pull off, also means you can do those crazy loop combos off a df.HK.

Dfhk into close stmp(1hit) xx hk legs into mk extension, then either another rep or crhp xx mksbk or sweep for safejump