Down-loadable Character for SSF 4 Elena


Elena should be down loadable character for super street fighter 4


she’s washing her hair


Not even a good troll. :frowning:


With the tears of trolls.


You should download a life.


Does anyone else here Down-load stuff?


So, there I was with a burger in one hand, and a mule in the other. Next thing I know, Jesus stabbed me with a trident.


I’m hacing deja-vu


Sorry, but she won’t make it in. The developers accidentally Elena. =(


Ah come just one more, Elena would bring more balance to the crew and would be the icing on the cake! Hey, the new level fit her and her rival Makoto is up there- c’mon Capcom you know what I mean…


I’m guessing your parents never said “No.” to you.

Go to Capcom Unity for this kind of shit. You’ll fit in better there.


The new level fit her? Not only are you a troll, you don’t even know proper English. :frowning:


Download 'er? I 'ardly know 'er!


Shut the fuck up.


While you’re at it, can we get Q on the line up too?

But since SSF4 is before 3s in the timeline, I guess he’ll be introduced as “P”?




At least Q is a good suggestion.


Why does it matter? It’s not like the OP will be any good with her.


im not going against his suggestion, I was making a joke about his joke about calling him “P”


I’d rather download R. Mika.