Down short Standing Strong (whiff) into Throw

Down short Standing Strong (whiff) into Throw (on wake-up)

Why is it that people do this?

I imagine all this does is telegraph your intentions.

If you wanted to throw on wake-up, couldn’t you have done so without this? And doesn’t this deny you options as their wake-up dragon will be a free hit otherwise?

Is it just filler? Like Magneto ‘rushing’ air just to make the other guy freak out from what you’re doing?

Is it to ensure that you can throw (because your opponent is obviously “awake” enough for you to down short, you can thus throw)?

I hope it isn’t a super bar building thing.

Comments please,

Typo: I meant down short standing jab. I’ve seen it with either Ken or Ryu, but I’m sure it applies to most people.

Nothing is filler if it screws with your opponent’s mind during the match.

Well put. The thing is, when I do it, it feels so obvious. Like telegraphing times ten.

I know what you mean, I mix up what I do if Im going for a wakeup throw.
The one you mentioned works, but a lot of people, like you said, are wise to that. I like to walk back a little to make it look like Im charging (Im talking Urien here) and then dash forward for a throw. Or headbutt over their waking up body and throw. All of them sound obvious when by themselves, but thats why I mix them up, I like to parry occasionally when they wake up too.
Anyways Im sure you probably knew a lot of that, but I figured Id post it anyways lol.

doing c. short, close s. jab with Ken has 1 more benefit than just screwing with your opponent’s head if you’re planning on throwing: on some characters, you can combo into jab Shoryuken and potentially juggle with another jab Shoryuken if you’re in the corner.


In my Gamepro Hyper Fighting Strategy Guide, they call this move the “Watson.” It is a variation of the classic tick throw, and is one of the basic building blocks of the shoto mix-up game.

To a point you should feel like you are telegraphing your move. You are training your opponent to respond to an obvious pattern. Once you have your opponent teching your throw because you are telegraphing your throw, the pattern becomes down short, standing jab, dash back low foward xx super. You opponent does one of two things, either whiffs throw (they were trying to tech) and gets caught with the low forward, or they srk (trying to beat your throw) and they miss while you are dashing back and get caught with low forward.

The whiffed standing jab is also used as bait for an opponent that you just landed UOH xx super on. If you do the crunching short early, then do standing jab, some people react as if you did UOH and block high, then you can do short short super, or short jab short super.

Of course, this is one parlor trick among many, and to get the most mileage out of it, you need to learn meaty short, short, super; meaty short, jab, short, super; standing short, throw; early (whiffed) short, meaty strong, fierce, fireball, super; meaty UOH xx super, etc.

I always looked at that for its mixup value.

They block the low short and you whiff the standing jab and grab. When they get wise you can go for

c short tick grab
whiff early short (fakeout)grab (not to be done on characters with a strong wakeup.
c short, whiff jap, low short x2 —>hit confirm super

And basically the stuff Kal el and Rei were mentioning. You gotta have quick reflexes to even bother trying that dragon though, but such telegraphing of moves gives you all these options.

the crouching short, standing jab, hit confirm jab upper or throw is my shit :slight_smile:

even jwong came over said ooh hot shit, imma bite that.

Standing jab hit confirms into a DP? What?

not the jab alone. c. short chains into s. jab and comboes if the oppoent is standing. If he’s crouching you throw, if he’s standing you hitconfirm jab shoryu (and karashoryu afterwards when possible)

^ isn’t it an option select? Couldnn’t you execute the DP anyhow?

If it whiffs, no DP (jab didn’t hit).

I guess they could s.block it, but you’ve got the d.LK beforehand…

I am just talking out of my ass here… because I don’t do it. Whenever I do, s.lp; I’m going for throw, and only cancel if parry.

But it sounds like a good idea.

For mixup purposes I guess. I do it every now and then with my Ken with the usual walk back walk forward, and continuously tapping down motion. It’ll probably confuse your opponent to think that you’re gonna throw them since it’s sort of a tick throw but not really, and you can respond to that with a combo into Shoryuken or Super, or baiting out wakeup moves.

No. If you don’t hit confirm it, you will get a late, noncomboing jab upper. Bad idea.

Awesome trick Paul. I never thought of that. I’m going to try it in CvS2 and see if it works as well. Thanks again.

You can do hit confirm c.short, c.jab, jab shoryu on some chars while they’re crouching. Instead of going for throw you get maximum damage this way. I’m not sure who it connects on off the top of my head, but I’m sure it hits Chun cause I do it to her in the corner all the time.

Umm… no.

…umm, yes?

Oh. You wrote cr.jab. Stupid random little letters.

My bad. :clap:

Oh is that what people do if it hits, it seems like I’ve never seen it hit. 99% of the time I’ve seen throw after that.

Actually, you can option select it… with a negative edge jab shoryu.

Really friggin’ tight, maybe not as practical, but possible. :confused: