Down South Clash 3 - Anderson SC - 8/12/07 - Full Results

3rd Strike (40 Participants - Brackets by Myself/JonnyQuest):

  1. Eric Lee “Shinshay” MD - Shotos
  2. Alex Roski “CajunStrike” Triad NC - Makoto, Urien
  3. Larry Dixon “Shinblanka” ATL - Hugo (Forfiet - had to leave due to getting up early for work)
  4. June Ro “dooboy” ATL - Urien, Ken
  5. Tracy Blassingame, Anderson SC - Hugo
  6. Raph Bendy “SSJGeorgeBush” Montgomery, AL - Dudley
  7. Masimo Gonzales, Augusta GA - Elena
  8. Isaac Graham??? “Tyranidman”, Charlotte NC - Chun Li
  9. Michael Clark “Compton Ass Pete” Anderson, SC
  10. Phillip Haith “P-Soul” Triad NC
  11. Nam Nguyen “NamyNam” Augusta, GA
  12. Alex Nguyen, Augusta GA
  13. Chris James “ADVIII” Augusta GA
  14. Zach McCoy “agentz” Cleveland TN
  15. Matt Frank “GiefRules” Greenville, NC
  16. Joel Siler “JDash247” Atlanta GA
  17. Tim Hiland “DaWasian” Grover SC
  18. Teii Garrett “djteiibear” Augusta GA
  19. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Clemson SC
  20. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta GA
  21. Chris Chris Lee “kenpunch12” Anderson SC
  22. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson SC
  23. Sam Tuza “Sumaragi” Greensboro NC
  24. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta GA
  25. Ted King “LiquiTed” Lavonia GA
  26. “DanD” Cleveland TN
  27. Steven Torman “GrayHat” Grover SC
  28. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson SC
  29. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” Atlanta GA
  30. Gabe, Atlanta GA
  31. Cory Brock “Dingo” Whitmire SC
  32. Eddie Wiggins “Dub” Asheville NC
  33. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson SC
  34. John Hawkins “Sex Instructor” Charleston SC
  35. Phillip Raimondo “filldoh” GSP SC
  36. Chris Bumgardner “BUM” GSP SC
  37. Daniel Willy, Greenville SC
  38. Mike Adam “Mike Tremor” Simpsonville SC
  39. Brandon Easterling, Greenville SC
  40. Cliff Overstreet “shin_oro” Simpsonville SC

Tekken 5 DR (25 Participants - Brackets by KingRey):

  1. Anakin, ATL
  2. Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR” Savannah GA
  3. K-Gun, ATL
  4. Mike J “SirJackaLot” Augusta GA
  5. Bane, ATL
  6. Ahmed “Bacon’s Extra” Charleston SC
  7. Larry Griffin “Tha_Janitor” Greenville SC
  8. Byron Cunningham “Lei Hates” Columbia SC
  9. “Sniperjin” Charlotte NC
  10. “Red Dragon” Monroe NC
  11. Walker Mobley “Aenima5393” Augusta GA
  12. June Ro “dooboy” ATL
  13. Spartan, NC?
  14. KingRey! Jacksonville, FL
  15. Steven Vining “UnDeRoAtH” Augusta GA
  16. Nam Nguyen “NamyNam” Augusta GA
  17. Mike Gibson “Takari” Columbia SC
  18. Sylar, NC?
  19. Rocky, ?
  20. Bach Pham “12:51” Columbia SC
  21. Masimo Gonzales, Augusta GA
  22. “macdad2772” Charlotte NC
  23. James King, Anderson SC
  24. Cliff Overstreet “shin_oro” Simpsonville SC
  25. Tracy Blassingame, Anderson SC

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (19 Participants - Brackets by Shinblanka):

  1. Eric Lee “shinshay” Fort Washington MD
  2. Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” Triad NC
  3. Larry Dixon “shinblanka” ATL
  4. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL
  5. John Hawkins “Sex Instructor” Charleston SC
  6. Jeremy Hawkins, Charleston SC
  7. “Return of Shiki” Charlotte NC
  8. “Shifty” Augusta GA
  9. Joe “Ghost” Tiffton GA
  10. Patrick Mccullough, Columbia SC
  11. “Red Dragon” Monroe NC
  12. “DanD” Cleveland TN
  13. Jesus Ibarra, Anderson SC
  14. Shaun “Mr. Klutch” Columbia SC
  15. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson SC
  16. Phillip Raimondo “filldoh” GSP SC
  17. “macdad2772” Charlotte NC
  18. James Scott, Greenville SC
  19. “Lord Krusty” GSP SC

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (14 Participants - Brackets by Dark Akuma):

  1. Isaac Graham “Tyranidman” Charlotte NC
  2. Nam Nguyen “NamyNam” Augusta GA
  3. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson SC
  4. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta GA
  5. Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” Triad NC
  6. Jhon Middlebrook “Eraser” Augusta GA
  7. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta GA
  8. Eric Lee “shinshay” Fort Washington MD
  9. Jesus Ibarra, Anderson SC
  10. Rod West “Rod Driguez” Durham NC
  11. Masimo Gonzales, Augusta GA
  12. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL
  13. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Clemson SC
  14. David Watkins “Sancho” Augusta GA

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (14 Participants - Brackets by Lei Hates/Dub):

  1. Terrell Tyler “Titan44” Summerville SC
  2. Matt Frank “GiefRules” Greenville NC
  3. Brent Taylor “purify” Raleigh NC
  4. Byron Cunningham “Lei Hates” Columbia SC
  5. Raph Bendy “SSJGeorgeBush” Montgomery AL
  6. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta GA
  7. Bach Pham “12:51” Columbia SC
  8. Nam Nguyen “NamyNam” Augusta GA
  9. Matt McCoy “Ravenstorm” GSP SC
  10. Eddie Wiggins “Dub” Asheville NC
  11. Alex Roski “CajunStrike” Triad NC
  12. Mike Gibson “Takari” Columbia SC
  13. Chris Bumgardner “BUM” GSP SC
  14. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (11 Participants - Brackets by LiquiTed):

  1. Matt Frank “GiefRules” Greenville NC
  2. Eric Lee “shinshay” Fort Washington MD
  3. Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR” Savannah GA
  4. Larry Dixon “Shinblanka” ATL
  5. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Clemson SC
  6. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson SC
  7. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson SC
  8. Chris James “ADVIII” Augusta GA
  9. Jeremy Hawkins, Charleston SC
  10. Ted King “LiquiTed” Lavonia GA
  11. Phillip Raimondo “filldoh” GSP SC

Neo Geo Battle Colloseum (10 Participants - Brackets by JDash):
–The side pot, as you can see, was NOT redeemed - Triad wins again!–

  1. Alex Roski “CajunStrike” Triad NC (THE SON)
  2. Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” Triad NC (THE FATHER)
  3. Phillip Haith “P-Soul” Triad NC (THE HOLY SPIRIT)
  4. Taurus “T-Bear” ATL
  5. Brent Taylor “purify” Raleigh NC
  6. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL
  7. Chris James “ADVIII” Augusta GA
  8. Joel Siler “JDash” ATL
  9. “Return of Shiki” Charlotte NC
  10. Phillip Raimondo “filldoh” GSP SC

Super Smash Bros. Melee (9 Participants - Brackets by Jesus):

  1. Terrell Tyler “Titan44” Summerville SC
  2. Nam Nguyen “NamyNam” Augusta GA
  3. Byron Cunningham “Lei Hates” Columbia SC
  4. Patrick McCullough, Columbia SC
  5. Jesus Ibarra, Anderson SC
  6. Mike Adam “Mike Tremor” Simpsonville SC
  7. Sam Tuza “Sumaragi” Greensboro NC
  8. Justin Davis “Jawalk”, Parts Unknown
  9. Leo Ibarra, Anderson SC

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (8 Participants - Brackets by Shinblanka):

  1. Eric Lee “shinshay” Fort Washington MD
  2. Larry Dixon “Shinblanka” ATL
  3. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL
  4. Matt Frank “GiefRules” Greenville NC
  5. Jesus Ibarra, Anderson SC
  6. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta GA
  7. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Clemson SC
  8. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson SC

King of Fighters XI (7 Participants - Brackets by JDash):
–Once again, the side pot was not redeemed - Triad wins–
THE FATHER (Lu) did not participate

  1. Alex Roski “CajunStrike” Triad NC (THE SON)
  2. Phillip Haith “P-Soul” Triad NC (THE HOLY SPIRIT)
  3. “Return of Shiki” Charlotte NC
  4. Taurus “T-Bear” ATL
  5. Brent Taylor “purify” Raleigh NC
  6. Eric Jeffries “D.A.H.” ATL
  7. Joel Siler “JDash” ATL

Special thanks go to the following people (official ranking list):

  1. Eddie (Dub) - for bringing soooo much shit and once again working your tech magic. You saved the day on 3S, and are now the official arcade and joystick technician of the Atlantic South. Enjoy your reign :slight_smile:

  2. Larry (shinblanka) - for reversing roles and being MY right-hand man :slight_smile: You left your clipboard and June has your stool.

  3. Jesus - for letting us run this awesome tournament and letting me rearrange the entire restaurant

  4. Jeremy - even though you didn’t get to play, you saved my ass by bringing the stuff that was requested

  5. Jordan (Dark Akuma) - for coming through in the clutch

  6. KingRey - for taking over Tekken for me without any advanced notice

  7. Ted (LiquiTed) - for running a bracket even after I told you that you didn’t have to

  8. Joel (JDash) - for running brackets even after I told you that you HAD to (lol)

  9. Chris (ADVIII) - for your station contributions. You left your CvS2 mix - I’ll hang on to it until my trip down there.

  10. Steven (UnDeRoAtH) - for going through sooooooo much trouble to make everything on the Tekken station work (this dude went back and forth to Wal-Mart TWICE just to get the right kind of remote to work with the TV to get Tekken up and running. You are a serious trooper dude! Lunch is on me next time.

  11. Byron (Lei Hates) - for the setups and working on your first bracket

  12. John (UncleBuck) - for bringing all the equipment, and throwing those ST matches to me. Oh, you weren’t really throwing them? Oh my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

  13. John (JonnyQuest) - for handling 3rd Strike until I fucked it up and had to take over

  14. Phil (filldoh) - for BEING A TROOPER even though your shit didn’t come through again. I’ll do a special one before I leave.

Special message to Dez Morris, Eric Chester (Blaze), Jamie and Lyndsey Mosely, and the white guy that slept on the bench: real G’s don’t play in tournaments, they just show up to give their support :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words from all of you.

Another special message to (I think) Mike Tremor, Brandon Easterling, and Cliff Overstreet (the 3 guys that had the girl with them) - tournaments of this nature are all DOUBLE ELIMINATION - read the rules, none of you were out of any of the tournaments when you took off :slight_smile:

And finally, to everyone that came that I have not mentioned, I appreciate you all - thanks for making my last Anderson tourney the most fun I’ve had doing it in quite a long time. Everything ran smoothly once we got all the kinks worked out w/ 3S, and I apologize for the late start for it (the actual tournament didn’t end until 10:15, because it was like 3:00 before it started and we had a few problems with equipment in the beginning). If I don’t see you guys before I leave, I’ll definitely see you at Final Round XI!


Congrats to the winners. Good to see everybody…

Isaac Graham makes little orphan babies cry at night… I went to this tournament and even though I may not be an orphan baby… he made me cry.

Wait a minute… through the whole MvC2 tournament… I didn’t play him. XD

once again Kyah nice job running the tourny, props to u and Jesus and all the other people that ran it, it ran pretty smooth, even though 3S took forever T_T.

ggs to everyone i played, im kinda sad that a lot of people dropped last minute cause this will prob be my last tourny for awhile, but i still had a fun time…

I think i can remember some of the marvel bracket…somethin like

1st: Issac
2nd: Me
3rd: Kevin hutchins
4th: Sora

the turnout reminded me of that period where everyone said marvel was dead :stuck_out_tongue:

how come noone be tellin me bout these :sad:

Because they’re posted up in the forums…

GS E. Lee.

GG’s everybody. Sorry, Kyah I dropped out early… i just had a something to do. Other than that just wanted to say had a blast, enjoyed seeing everyone again. I problly won’t get another chance to play in a Tourny till Final Round 11! Till next time, Everybody have a good one and take care. PEACE!

GGs to all of the competitors, great tournament held by BobSmack ( thank you for some awesome games in Super SF at the end of the night )

WTF happened to the side tournament that one kid was going to throw with KOF MI Regulation A? Oh i know why, I was destroying everything that come in my path in casuals, hopefully next tourney near here will have that game.

And next tournament I WILL TAKE CVS2!!! LOL

OH SHOT ERIC LEE!!!. Good shit!! Good shit also Issac “FUCKING” Graham. And IronHead, I like your av. :lol:

Was D.A.H. there?!?!??!

eric lee the cvs2 god, i bow down:china:

Haha I was there! Me and Eric’s match came down to the wire! I short jumped with raged K-Sagat to super, but a super jump came out!!! Well it was supposed to be my victory to go on to the winners finals match but oh well!:sad: I knocked SieClayton out of winners but he beat me as well in losers semi, another super close match as well. Both matches were close as shit. He advanced to play ShinBlanka for 3rd then beat SB, so Lu and Eric Lee in finals!

I think Eric Recorded the CvS2 Finals so you can see all the drama.

Results up!

GGs to everyone I played in casual matches and the few tourney matches I played; really great experience and I’m glad to say this was my first tournament :tup:. Kyah, sorry I didn’t really get to talk and headed out kinda early; but it was nice to meet you and everyone else.

In regards to my first match in the tournament, I now have the fear of Urien firmly implanted in me.

Fuck. I should have gone. Hi D:

Who is Jeremy Hawkins from Charleston?

Too bad I couldn’t have gone to more this before.

Great job, guys…fun was had by all, aside from 3rd Strike everything went by like lightning, which is the best you can hope for.

Major thanks to Kyah, Eddie, Larry, Jesus, JDash, and everybody who helped host. Food and service of the restaurant was pretty good as well.
Great to meet new players and see new blood into the scene.

Everybody play KOF MIRA, game is too fun. Probably see y’all at Final Round XI!

Shout out time SHAWTY!!!

Thanks for letting me help you with this tournament. You always help me out at FinalRound every year, so it was the least I could do sir. :wgrin: You didn’t mention I got 3rd place because i forfeit after I lost to eric lee in the winners finals. I had to leave because I had to get up at 5am for work today.:confused: I’m just glad I got to play against some humans for a change. I usually only play during FinalRound and lately playing A2 online on GGPO.

June Ro: Good shit after I left trying to hold it down for the “A” in 3S. You got to come over to the DEN so we can practice more often. We can’t keep going into tournaments not playing like we need to sir.

Eric J: Good shit in cvs2 dog. Same as june we need to play more so we can protect our turf better. It’s all good. We didn’t lose to no scrub, so i’m not mad.

Return of Shiki: Thanks for helping out with cvs2 when I was playing my matches and helping find people when I called out their names. Hopefully you’ll be at FRXI next year.

Lu: Good games in cvs2 sir. I need to start playing cvs2 again so I can give you guy’s better comp. I’ll see you at FRXI my friend.

Alex Ro.: Good seeing you again man. Stop dodging me damnit!!! j/k We got to play that losers finals match up when next time we meet 3/5 in 3S. Good shit in holding it down in all snk games for the TRIAD!!!

rASHID R.: good seeing you hommie. I don’t see you but once a year like a rare pokemon.:looney::lol: GG’s in A3. I should have never played you again in casual A3. I beat you in casual, but you won when it count’s:wasted: Good shit in T5DR and i’ll see you at FRXI.

Ted king: good seeing you again hommie. Too bad we didn’t get to play each other in shit at this tournament.

Sora: Good to see you man. There’s only ONE dog trained by Mike Vick and that’s mines.:looney: GG’s in ST

Raphy: GG’s 3s sir. Your dudley is much better than I remember it sir. You had me :sweat:

Eric Lee: aka the thorn in my side all fucking tournament long!!!:annoy::rofl::looney: J/K:wgrin: I’m glad you came down man. You put me in the losers or out of every tournament we played yesterday. I was sooo mad/hyped that I leveled up in 3S just so I could have another chance to play against you since you already peaced me out in cvs2, st and A3. Thanks for coming down to dsc3. It’s always good to play against players of your skill level. I hope winning that loot will help you goto evoworlds. If you do go to evoworlds, good luck hommie. See you at FRXI.

Matt Frank: Alpha master matt is your new name. Sorry we didn’t get that A2 match up, but there’s always ggpo. The drug dealer awaits the russian cop challenge.

Rod: Always good seeing you dog. You and OG just like me. Hope you guy’s had a safe trip back to NC. Hopefully i’ll see you at FRXI

To everyone and anyone I missed, i’m sorry and no disrespect to anyone. I had a great time at dsc3. Kyah is the fucking man and i’m lucky to know him and have him as a friend. I know this is the last dsc tournament he will be running, but maybe I can convince him to come back to future finalrounds.

P.S.-To everyone I played in 3rd strike. I like to say i’m sorry if I pissed off or offended you guy’s because I wasn’t trying to. I was just so fucking hyped during the tournament I started to talk while playing. I always get hyped when playing with hugo because it feels like an uphill battle when I play with him.

Till next time.





See ya’ll at (FinalRound)XI


BobSmack: Great tournament. Thanks for letting me do the SNK side again. (even though I had to. Lol)

Them damn Triads: Good shit, but next time I will be powering up. My 3rd strike game will not be the only thing I can compete in.

Return of Shiki: Nice games, nice talking to you. Yea, you’re right, we need to get on that KOFMIRA.

ShinBlanka: GGs in alpha 3. Good shit with the CvS2 tournament. I will get you one of these days in A3.

Everyone else names that I forgot: Nice to game with you, talk with you, and compete with you. This is just my 2nd tournament, and I will be at more. This shit was bananas.

Oh, quote of the tournament. “I got a super shawty.” -shinblanka while playing ST.


From looking at the placings I def would have finished at the top spots in at least 3 capcom games but $5 dollar entry is a turn off…

GJ ERIC LEE…my only question is where u filming while playing ur matches…thats how free this was!!!

ISAAC stay dangerous!!!

KHANG owns all in 3rd!!!

and PVFP sucks at poker!!!

Congrats to Sora.
And congrats to Mas for a 7th place tie in 3S even though you did poorly in all the rest, don’t hate. My stick better be ok or I’ll rip those huge ears off,jk.