Down South Clash 3! - May/13/07-Anderson,SC


I thought I edited this.
Tournament is canceled. Unless someone can do it on the 20th, but it can’t be me and I won’t be able to show up. :wink:

MODS, close this!


John “UncleBuck” Shelby
Anderson, SC



Eddie Wiggins "Dub"
Asheville, NC


Is this going to be the last tournament held at La Bamba’s?


Most likely yes. Only time will tell. But at the moment it looks that way.


John Stowe - JonnyQuest

Anderson, SC

3s, mvc2, ggxx/, hnk


you havta edit again… the 20th right?


Actually, I thought it was completely canceled.


shea, i know. i was thinking that this ripple in time was a chance to take action and think about what should be done. good for may the 20th ey?