Down South Clash - Round One - Anderson, SC 7/30/06 Results

Please help me fill in the blanks w/ people’s last names, handles, and locations - there are a few I neglected to write down

3rd Strike (32 Participants)

  1. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC (Ken)
  2. Eric Williams “earwig” Atlanta, GA (Akuma, Ryu)
  3. Ali - Charlotte, NC (Q)
  4. Joey Pham “Corkscrew Joe” Charlotte, NC
  5. June Ro “dooboy” Atlanta, GA
  6. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  7. Tei Garrett - Augusta, GA
  8. Larry Dixon “shinblanka” Atlanta, GA
  9. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Anderson, SC
  10. Peter Sanasich
  11. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  12. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta, GA
  13. Christopher James II “ADVIII” Augusta, GA
  14. Ted King “LiquiTed” Lavonia, GA
  15. Mas - Augusta, GA
  16. Nicholas “xYourMasterx” Charlotte, NC
  17. Will Black “oyg” Greer, SC
  18. Mike Gibson “Takari” Columbia, SC
  19. Brandon Swett “brandowned” Charlotte, NC
  20. Trey Williamson - Anderson, SC
  21. John Stowe “JohnnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  22. Chris Lee “kenpunch12” Anderson, SC
  23. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson, SC
  24. Andy Phaiboun “zugzug” Marietta, GA
  25. Tim Hiland “DaWasian” Gastonia, NC
  26. Alfonzo
  27. Steven Torman “GrayHat” Gastonia, NC
  28. Brandon Clements
  29. Trayveon Maxwell III “Cool-Breeze” Marietta, GA
  30. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta, GA
  31. Matthew Amacker “Silent Ness” Augusta, GA
  32. Uh…me…

Tekken 5 (24 Participants)

  1. Clint Lamar - Atlanta, GA
  2. Anakin - Atlanta, GA
  3. Bane - Atlanta, GA
  4. Eric Chester “Blaze” Augusta, GA
  5. Josh McWhorter “Icege” Charleston, SC
  6. Larry Griffin “Tha_Janitor” Greenville, SC
  7. Dez Morris “DEZ 187” Greenville, SC
  8. Edwin “Spider” Atlanta, GA
  9. June Ro “dooboy” Atlanta, GA
  10. Steve Vining “Underoath” Augusta, GA
  11. Ahmed “bacon’s extra” Charleston, SC
  12. Thomas Towry “The Hurricane” Charleston, SC
  13. Southtown 'King - Charleston, SC
  14. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  15. Byron “Lei Hates” Columbia, SC
  16. Big Paulll “MR. MVP” Charleston, SC
  17. Mike Gibson “Takari” Columbia, SC
  18. Bach “12:51” Columbia, SC
  19. Tim Hiland “DaWasian” Gastonia, NC
  20. Mas - Augusta, GA
  21. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Anderson, SC
  22. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  23. Tei Garrett - Augusta, SC
  24. Uh…me again

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (20 Participants)

  1. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson, SC
  2. Clint Lamar - Atlanta, GA
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  4. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, sC
  5. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta, GA
  6. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta, GA (1st ever Marvel tournament!)
  7. Jesus Ibarra - Anderson, SC (1st ever tournament in anything!!!)
  8. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  9. Andy Phaiboun “zugzug” Marietta, GA
  10. Matthew Amacker “Silent Ness” Augusta, GA
  11. Brandon Swett “brandowned” Charlotte, NC
  12. Trayveon Maxwell III “Cool-Breeze” Marietta, GA
  13. Ali - Charlotte, NC
  14. Trey Williamson - Anderson, SC
  15. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  16. Joey Pham “Corkscrew Joe” Charlotte, NC
  17. Yoshi
  18. David Watkins “DaJewSancho” Augusta, GA
  19. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Anderson, SC
  20. Um…you guessed it! Me!

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (11 Participants)

  1. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” Charleston, SC
  2. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  3. Larry Dixon “shinblanka” Atlanta, GA
  4. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  5. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta, GA
  6. June Ro “dooboy” Atlanta, GA
  7. Big Paullll “MR. MVP” Charleston, SC
  8. Southtown 'King - Charleston, SC
  9. Tei Garrett - Augusta, GA
  10. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  11. Andrew Coonrad - Liberty, SC

Hyper Street Fighter Alpha (10 Participants)

  1. Eric Williams “earwig” Atlanta, GA
  2. Chris Daniel - Atlanta, GA
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  4. Larry Dixon “shinblanka” Atlanta, GA
  5. Ted King “LiquiTed” Lavonia, GA
  6. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  7. Alfonso
  8. Christopher James II “ADVIII” Augusta, GA
  9. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  10. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” Anderson, SC

Hyper Street Fighter II (7 Participants)

  1. Larry Dixon “shinblanka” Atlanta, GA
  2. Chris Daniel - Atlanta, GA
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  4. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  5. Phil - Greenville, SC
  6. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  7. Daniel - Greenville, SC

Guilty Gear XX Slash (6 Participants - Round Robin)

  1. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” Augusta, GA (5-0)
  2. Eddie Wiggins “Dub” Asheville, NC (4-1)
  3. Matthew Amacker “Silent Ness” Augusta, GA (3-2)
  4. Tei Garrett - Augusta, GA (2-3)
  5. Will Black “oyg” Greer, SC (1-4)
  6. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC (0-5)

Soul Calibur 3 (5 Participants - Round Robin)

  1. Clint Lamar - Atlanta, GA (4-0)
  2. Phil - Greenville, SC (3-1)
  3. Ken? (2-2)
  4. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC (1-3)
  5. Daniel - Greenville, SC (0-4)


Jordan, my right hand man - you went above and beyond for this one - thanks again!

Ted, my left hand man - thanks once again for all your help old friend (I mean that figuratively and literally…j/k)

Josh M - MUCH thanks for running T5, and for getting it done so fast! Enjoy your cabinet and hope you find Orlando OK :slight_smile:

Larry D - muchas gracias amigo (I figure, hell, we were in a mexican restaraunt after all). I’ll help you handle that shit we talked about.

Lyndsay - thank you thank you for bringing all your shit and helping us set up - I MISS YOU GUYS :frowning:

The Johns - for bringing extra TV’s, etc, providing me with fire, and representing the hometown

ADVIII - for having the COOLEST casual shit ever at a tournament

The guy that brought Melty Blood (sorry, don’t remember your name) - you rock for doing that!

And of course, Jesus (the manager, not the king of the Jews) for letting this all happen and “paying” me in Sony plastic :slight_smile:

I have to say, this was one of the best we’ve ever had - the venue was AWESOME and it makes me want to keep doing this stuff when I already said this would be the last one I would be on the administrative side for besides Final Round. Thanks again to the AUG, the ATL, Charlotte, and Chucktown for coming out in numbers. Good to see all of you, and if I forgot someone, please forgive me - I’m very tired :slight_smile: Whether I run it or not, we will have another one of these.


Top fucking five in my first Marvel tourney…priceless…

I do need to level up in 3s though.

I’m actually from Asheville but close enough I guess.

Kyah, good meeting you and thanks for putting this together.

Good games to everyone I played.

Sami, John and John good seeing you guys again. I’ll try to get down that way more often.

This tournment was fun. I didn’t thank I would win any matches in 3s.It was my pleasure to show people the new samurai showdown tenka, and king of fighters XI. I didn’t get much practice in HSFA,but it was all good.

I Like to make shout outs!
Ted good casuals in samurai showdown tenka

Chris Daniel it was good seeing you again.Good casuals as always

And it was nice to meet you oyg. Good casuals in KOF XI. You have a pretty good Gato.

Great venue Kyah.

Good shit to every one who came… Great to see some friends and makes some new ones… AND to all of you who beat me in 3rd/tekken… Next time it will be diff xD

Great Tourney GG’s to all

You too man! Hope to see you again; next time around my team will be more rounded. :rofl:
Many thanks goes to Eddie “Dub” and all the others that came out to check out GGX/!
Many thanks also to John, Kyah, & Jesus (gg’ing man) for making this possible.

Good God I had to go up against Clint and Jae in Marvel! :wonder:

Anyways good tournament I’ll post more later.

I had a great time at the tournament. I mainly came just to help kyah out with running the tournament, but I got to play also. Mad props to the Q players that put me out of the tournament. Good game man and hopefully you will come to FRX. I own in hyper sf2. j/k I was surprized to be in the finals let alone win the tournament with players like Jae Purvis. and old school ATL rivals Eric williams and Chris daniels there. I was hoping for top 5. Oh yea, how in the fuck did I get 3rd in CVS2 after not playing that game in 3 fucking years!!! I thought I was just adding money to the pot. If I can find a cvs2 on the ps2 I might start playing that game again. Good to see alot of people I only see once or twice a year. This was a great tournament and the location/venue was top notch. Food on order during a tournament is priceless! There will be a (FINALROUND)10 next year and I hope everyone that attended this tournament will be at FRX.

Sorry, I couldn’t make it, i had some car problems on the way, but nice job to everyone in the tourney

Coos Coos- Good job marcus for a first time marvel tourney, i have to give u mad props

Tron Li- Sorry great jobs in all your games, excellent job in marvel, 3S, and GG

Gunslinger- great job Kevin

Jae- Great Job in 3S and marvel

Bobsmack- Sorry i didn’t make it, but i will be at the next tourney

Nice tournie! I had fun, and gg to everyone I played. This is nicholas and I’m from Charlotte. Does anyone know the name of the guy who was winning with ken before the tournie? Also, good job to ali for getting top 3.:karate:

As always in Anderson it was alot of fun. I didn’t do shit against June, but im way out of practice. But maybe me and him will play some Madden…lawl. Awesome tournament Kyah. I LOVED THE MEXI food…it was good. The enviroment was good. Met some cool peoples.:slight_smile: And that one kid who had to take a crap. That was funny. I feel bad for making him walk to that steak house and it was closed. T_T; I didn’t know. =/ But yea… I’ll practice up and wait for the next one. Good game everyone.:sweat: And I didn’t get to play Clint in Tekken. I’ll just like go to his house. 0(-_-)0

Peace er1.


kyah: you and your peeps do it again!
Gunslinger: SKiLLM@Tic!-4-LiF3 -- LOL
Dub: sorry i missed the Festival in Asheville, but glad you came down! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Larry: ROCK STAR sunglasses
Ted: i will try to make it to Lav sometime -

all my friends i am always happy to see you all :slight_smile:

…and thanks to Sami for not losing my phone. Did you find your wallet?

Disappointed in myself on my 3s performance, but meh shit happens.

Larry (Shinblanka) - haha I thought my Yun had a chance because of Oro’s limited juggling ability on him. You kicked my ass with s. HK. Good stuff man and looking forward to FRX.

Jae (Shinryux) - like always man your Ken is solid and you wiped me across the floor in Marvel. GL with the move and come to FRX!

Will (Oyg) - good convo at The Box.

Yoshi - random breakdancing outside and crazy stuff.

Achmed (SP?) - he probably won’t even read this, but damn is that guy random. :rofl:

AUG crew - blast like usual. Thanks to Sora for the carpooling.

Cuscoos - first tournament grats! Keep practicing 3s and come to FRX.

Kyah (Bobsmack) - Great tournament and you didn’t even have to scream “you mother fucker”.

La Bamba crew - Nice people and good service.

Just names off the top of my head. :sweat: Overall though I had fun

Hey what’s up guys.Sorry me and my boys did not come.I wanted to play some money matches in marvel. You guys got lucky we did not show up:wink: Just messin with ya.Hopefully we can come to the next one.I want to take your crown Kevin(lol).Good job Kev.What team did u win with.How was the sticks?

sup guys sorry i couldnt make it :frowning: had that anime convention to go to in Orlando…but anyway

Props—to Clint in Tekken, and wtf MARVEL? what is this? this must be an old thread from like 5 years ago…

Jae - congratulations but Urien is still > Ken

Kyah - mad props for placing last in 3 games. Thats spectacular. <3 hopefully i’ll be able to come to the next one…

speaking of Kevin. He was hitting all his sentinel unblockables on me during casuals. :sad:

My 2 Cents Shout outs etc

Well first off Mad props to Bobsmack and Jesus this was a great spot in terms of size and convienence to food etc.

Secondly I should have the second 9th place spot LoL!!!

Third for all those who didnt know, I was the one Taping shit in the green jeans and pony tail.

Aight to Coos Coos good marval shit man, it was nice to finally meet you and your crew, you need to keep in touch so we can all train together for real.

Sora: Nice Cammy work and you REALLY caught me off guard with her fighting abilities, I haven’t fought her in a long while.

Jae: Nice work in Marval and I did tape as many of your 3rd Strike matches as I could and I will post them as soon as time permits

DrFunk: We must play again man you are way better than I thought (Marval)

Ali: I had to take you out in Marval but that damn “Q” in 3RD Strike is no joke I have never scene anyone get A++ throught out the tournament man seriously, you worked him hella good, keep that shit up dude.

Gunslinger: Mannnn I remember you taking me out at Final Round, I was steamed that I lost to Sora but then again after watching you play, freestyle and in the tournament im not as confident I was ready to face you again, good games, Not a shit talker either which is a plus lol.

Fellow Atl-aiens:

Elder/Shin-Blanka: Umm I got a few of your CvS2 Matches lol good shit, Im still carrying Blanka for the New Generation Lol, I play him on the New Alpha as well but once again good games.

E.Jefferies1: Yeaaaa man you almost won CvS2 and how in the hell you place higher than me in Marval WTF??? I need help in third man you saw what happened, you need to come over more often I need the training

Earwig: Man you look like you be off into another world and STILL be whooping people’s asses, What made you throw so many fierce sweeps with Ryu against Jae is beyond me Lol but depsite you not playing alot you still own

Bane: Man your Mishhima work is golden, I was loving the match between you and Clint it was like being back at teh old Tekken House on Panola.
Beautiful baby girl as well man its nice to see you can still play and make time for your family as well, good games man.

The Impact Players (My Branch of the E.M.S. Crew):

ZugZug: I will show you whats with team Combofiend its an ok team you just have to be percise with your maneuvers. Remember one fuck up in Marval can cost you the match.

Peter: Man you got it toooo good in 3rd Strike but we gonna put Kyah in a head lock for having you face 2 Atl people back to back, let alone 2 of the best Atl has to offer lol. Your Chun is annoying which means she is great keep it up man.

Ace and Zho: We will continue our training man I didnt feel comfortable being at the bottum of any bracket myself.

“That Man Clint”: I cant believe this Mo-Fo finished HIGHER in me in his FIRST EVER MARVAL TOURNAMENT, and I convinced him to eneter AHHHHHHHH !!!
Good games man and you own the south in Tekken don’t let anyone tell you any different.

To finish this off if I do not attend EVO, Im planning my own tournament so if you guys are interested please let me know so I can get a gamers list and decide which venue based ont he game types and head count.

I had fun with alot of the South Carolina peeps, I have never seen so many pierced Lips, Ears, and Eyes a day in my life, let alone all in one location LoL.
YOU MO-Fo’s had Mortal Kombat 2 LoL I would have continued to dominate that as well but Clint took over lol.
Nice people you all are and thatnks for the hospitality, but why does everyone hate Jae lol??