DOWNBACK BOYZ/ Everything charge

With the arrival of SF5 a lot of new players are coming in and notice that a few characters have some or many “charge” moves. I wanted to start a thread if any new players had any question on the subject. Also, there are quite a few videos out but all are fairly old (still viable) when it comes to charge characters.

My body’s charging just thinking about this thread.

I have a few questions… Probably obvious ones but hey

Can you preemptively charge let’s say Spinning Bird Kick whilst in the middle of another move to make it come out quicker?
I find myself using downback more than just back is it just a lot more convenient and smarter to do it this way?

That’s a technique that’s as old as the concept of charge moves itself.

You can and should be charging at all times, least of all when you are actually downbacking. The art of charging is masking your charge and fooling the opponent into thinking you don’t have it at ready.

Go now my young padawan, KILL!

I’m assuming as well charge times is just some you become accustomed to, or second nature. I still find myself releasing too early sometimes

Couldn’t have said it better myself, disguising your charge is probably the most threatening thing to do for your opponent as it could be frustrating determining whether you have your charge or not.

You can charge at any time and yes you will have an internal clock in time.
Try to just get in the habit of holding downback whenever you possibly can, during any move.

You can also use certain moves as timers. You get used to something like 2 whiffed jabs = full charge.

5 works a little different from what I know as far as charge release timing. It feels like you can’t start another charge before releasing the current one.
It’s really uncomfortable tbh and means I might stay away from charging even though it is what I prefer/am best with. It’s very rigid feeling compared to 3S. Not talking about partitioning.

Yea, I’m having a tougher time charging in this game than I did in SFIV. I think I just need to practice more though.

A good video is one Beyond Techincal made yers ago for those who are fairly new to charge mechanics. It covers the basics of charge buffering and some habits you should develop early

Masking is something youll learn overtime, of course some characters do it better than others. Take Decapre in SF4 for example, charge but always moving forward.