Downloadable Astro City panel move list inserts?


I wasn’t able to find any with a quick search, so I’m hoping someone here would know…

I’m looking for an archive of the move list insert scans that fit into a Astro City controller panel. These are basically the same ones that a Saturn HSS-0130 stick would ship with, except I’m looking for actual arcade move list cards instead the Saturn game ones. Does something like this exist?

Thanks in advance.

*edit: For reference, I’m looking to fill the empty space above the panel here:


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Word. I love mine. Just trying to make it prettier. :tup:

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The guy I bought it from included virtua figher kids, virtua fighter, and fighting vipers inserts. Anyway, here’s a link to the SF4 command lists, maybe you could print them out and resize them to fit the HSS-130

it’s the japanese capcom website, just go scroll down til you find the downloads that say “command list” there’s 2 of them

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Sweet! Thanks for that link. I like that second command list so I might roll with that.

I did get the same 3 inserts that you mentioned. One is sitting in my cab and the other two are in the HSS-0130. I’m looking for something more relevant and better looking for each. Do you know of any more for any other games?


That’s all I could muster up, maybe SNK would have a command list too? If you do find anymore, don’t hesitate to send’em my way, CHEERS!


they are out there. i cant find it right now. but in my searches i found a site with probably 100 of them. i printed a japanese third strike one.

the hssn is a replica of the actual sega astro city, so any sega japanese arcade movelist inserts will fit.


Right. I swear I’ve seen them before like you mentioned. I just can’t find them anymore now.


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I just finished my Cthulu mod on my VSPro. Awesome, awesome stick.


found a tatsunoko one


Thanks for that link too, Truckasaurus. Looks nice.


On this website:;O=A
Look for :

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What is the size of the insert please ?


I’ve been looking at this for half an hour and I’m not even halfway through

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That’s exactly what I needed. I found a few good images I can try out. Thanks a ton!

speedsterharry: my HSS-0130 isn’t in front of me but I can measure out the existing insert in the window when I get home.


Glad to make you happy; if someone with photoshop skills could “refresh” it a little, removing the sunfade effect for example :wink:


Sorry for bringing up a dead thread, but I was wondering if anyone had the sfiv move list inserts? Looking to put it into a HSS-0130 and an Astro City Cab. The japanese capcom link is dead.




i also have a Astro City control panel and have downloaded the SFIV instruction sheets , but have no clue on how to print them out…i have a Printer but am no pro with it , can some genius here make a Guide on how to print them out…Apps needed , Paper Type , App Settings etc.

i would be really grateful for any info