Downtown SF, Union Square


Anyone around this area like to meet up sometime chill and hang out and play sessions? I only play AE 2012. Im in a college dorm in the area and the internet is horrible, too much lag spikes. But i am excited having found out people can meet up in person through this forum, now there is hope lol ive been missing out.


I’m in the area.


Holy shit, American Daigo?! You’re still around? I haven’t seen/heard from you since Southtown ranbats several months ago.

Several Southtown guys meet up regularly on Monday nights (and occasionally during the weekends) to level up. Unfortunately, the host went on vacation recently we don’t have an actual space to session until he returns. Another location that has weekly sessions include Dragon Lounge, a small bar in the Sunset where local San Francisco players gather.

Just noticed time stamp. Whelp, the above information still holds true.


Any chance the Southtown and Dragon Lounge sessions are still going on? I’m looking for more places to play around SF


what kind of trollology is this … here is some food fishies …


bumpin an old thread… you still around? Just started college myself @ CCSF. HMU if you’re still around


Sup dudes, I work in the area (around soma, south park to be precise) and I’m definitely interested in getting some games of AE in.

Kinda new to the Bay Area SF scene so not really sure where people play.


Nor-Cal is a major hotspot, so you shouldn’t find too much trouble finding a scene in the Bay. SF is ironically very unorganized, but there are a lot of places that host sessions in the East Bay. there’s the Crack house, Freedemonia, and a bunch of other places you can find on SRK.
I live in the Bay Area, so I’ll message you :slight_smile:


Yo we are here close to the fisherman’s warf. If anyone is interested let me know.