Downtown Toronto-Dedicated Fighter Arcade


Alright you guys complained and begged so here it is. I have an opportunity to place one downtown, SECONDS FROM BATHURST STATION!!!

I am going to run a similar setup, Professional Arcade Joysticks, no TE stick bullshit. I ask you to try and break one :wgrin:!. They will be hooked up to some nice LCDs with some stools for your convenience. Good thing about this location is that it is ALOT bigger than my woodbridge shop, plus it wont be shared with my other business, so it is literally 4 times bigger. Meaning, I estimated when its full, it should be able to hold about 16 machines, so can fit up to 32 people (that is when it is fully completed, I am not going to start with 16 machines to see no one shows up and I and left with 16 very awesome paperweights)

It will have to be 100 percent console based as its impossible to get an arcade license for the city of Toronto. Which means there will be a cover charge for the whole day or an hourly rate, or both (say you arrive near the end of the day, makes no sense to pay for the whole day). But don’t be fooled, the setups will be like nothing you have at home, this is going to be AUTHENTIC arcade game play.

Problem is, since this is PRIME location, easily accessible by all of you, costs go UP. Opening up a shop to rent in Woodbrige is a lot cheaper. So, the cover charge I’m estimating would be 20 bucks for the whole day, or 5-10 bucks for the hour. I wont be ripping you off though, for example say you are there and paying 5 bucks every hour because you are not sure how long you will be there, once you reach the daily fee (in this case 20 bucks) you get to play for the whole day. There wont be any of those BS rules like no in and out privelages or anything like that.

So, if you think you would attend, post and let me know what you think. The place is literally seconds from Bathurst Station. Please keep your trying to make money comments to yourself, if you think this seems expensive, your a complete idiot. Downtown Toronto is the MOST expensive place in Ontario to rent commercial retail space, especially right next to a subway. At the prices that I estimated, I am barely breaking even with costs. As I stated in the other thread, I am not trying to make money, but a grow a community I see A LOT of potential in. We need something like this in the GTA.

Let me know what you guys think, If I have enough interest, I can get the place up and running in a couple of weeks.



This sounds like good shit. I would not mind dropping in and burning 5 bucks at all.


I’d definitely drop by too. I hate missioning all the way down to Pacific Mall or Lovegety because it’s so far for me. And I go to school downtown, so this is really convenient for me.


Yeah, I’d be so down.


looking good so far. ok, to help me decide what games, I want everyone that is interested to post ONE, that’s right, only ONE game (ie your most favorite). That way I can narrow it down as I cannot start the place up with 16 machines, the funds don’t allow it (it does if you guys dont mind 15 inch screens, as I have plenty of them). Also, post how many hours you are likely to stay, and what days. This is all to help determine costs.



Well if it’s console based, I don’t think the game choice is going to be that important. People can always switch out to the game that’s in popular demand.

My game choice would be ALPHA 3.


Not really, I am trying to decide how many machines to build, so I can accommodate everyone at once, instead of them having to wait to swap a disk to play their favorite game.


So you’re building cabinets that will host consoles basically? That sounds like fun…


I think I’ll stay home and play online.


Yup. Trust me, it will be SuperHappyFunTimes. They will be running FULL 1080P HD screens :D.

BTW, all machines will be hooked up online. You can bring your memory cards instead of chugging around your hard drive (not the best idea).


Are these LCD’s input lag free?


Id drop in once a week or so.



i’d be there all the time if you want to foster a community. I’m sure mr. trite would as well, we were lowly scrubs last year and I definitely wouldn’t mind helping out other downtowners with what i can.

this would be amazing for me i live right at ossington station so you have a regular if you decide to open it right here


start building those cabs im coming !


Carthik, I really admire your dedication, keep it up my friend.

Anyway, I nominate BlazBlue. By the way, instead of paying hourly rates, can I buy a membership? I want to be a card carrying member :razz:.



Input Lag- not that your senses could notice, trust me, I get very ANAL about input lag. Just because of input lag, I run a HUGE tube tv for my NES. I would love to run authentic CGA Arcade monitors but they are no longer made due to environmental reasons, and with newer gen resolutions it would be impossible. The monitors I am using are 4 times faster than the highest class arcade class LCD ;). Just picked some up today, you spoiled bastards, these things are better than what I`m using right now.

Davero, nice to know I have a dedicated future customer. who is mr. trite?

bloodyclaw, come and try your best! lol, I am rebuilding the xbox`s case for better cooling.

tofu warrior, if you really want one I will print it off for you, lol. But in all seriousness, I think membership may be necessary to filter the real players from the tards , something like a discount for members. Please keep in mind this is not to discourage noobs, but to only cater to the more serious and dedicated. Dont you guys quote me on any of this, I still need to calculate all the costs and everything

and Buddha, I’m working on it!

So guys, if you are posting, please let me know the following

1-would you attend?
2-how often do you think you would?
3-Interested in tourneys? if so, what day would you prefer?
4-Your one nominated game you want to see there (even if it wasn’t released for console I might be able to make it happen depending on costs)
5-What type of Joysticks & buttons do you want on the cabinet (Sanwa, Happ etc.)

As of right now, I am trying to get the budget for 6 cabinets, no promises, might be less. My brothers dog was munching on about a hundred bucks worth of sanwa buttons when I got home, so there goes that. I am going to try my best to make this place look as professional as possible, even if it means fewer machines to start. I am going to see the owner of the building on Monday to go over the layout and make my final decision. So give me as much feedback as you can! if you are googling this, sign up and post!

Keep it coming,



How many people do you think we can fit in your place for a tournament?
BB community is not that big but we have a following.
2 systems for BB is more than enough.
Oh and when there is a BB tourny, there has to be a GG tourny.
So 1 setup of GG for that day would be cool as well.



New location sounds a LOT more convenient. :tup:

I vote for BlazBlue.

I’ll still commit to only 2 days per month for now, assuming other BlazBlue players can commit as well. I’m picturing arriving on a saturday morning, playing BB casuals all day, then leaving saturday night.


Hey call it Funland in tribute to the dead arcade that was once the hotspot for Toronto 3S


I’d be so down for this, since half the time I work in DT Toronto anyway.

I know it’ll be consoles for the most part, but if it’s possible, Super SF2 Turbo (arcade) would be my choice.