Doylestown PA - THIRD STRIKE PARTY @ Siren Records / Diaper Farm


What I’ve been upto lately…


I got just what I wanted for XMAS how bout jews?


Flash Gordon is on right now. I should be asleep but I feel like I’ve been missing this…Sam Jones where have you been my whole life. In the garbage movie bin I suppose.


Yup yup.

Anyone think that Mike Welsh and Van Morrison look like the same person?? I’ve noticed this from work…

Also this shit is HI-LARIOUS:



Now that these forums are more easily navigated, I thought this thread needed some life.

This comic reminds me of Diaper Bomb

I give to you for mwelsh WindJammers tournament play

Wow the 3S forums are completely fucked or they are completely awesome. You show up and it is three useless threads. So you leave. If you look closer you find the secret doorway that only the scumbags know about, or care about. It is just like a secret tree house with a special password. Except it really isn’t a secret and if you just wait long enough or say you are going to tell someone’s mom you don’t need the password.


More threes



I guess they finally fixed the forumz?

1dert I don’t quiet understand but i think i get the general idea! ho ho

I think if i was rollin in it (dough) I’d be more inclined to play 3S againe on the weakend. We’ll see…

But in the meantime who wants to play BATTLE BLOCK THEATER?!


hey what’s up


I was watching some Virtua Fighter tournament. Found here. And I swear that at some point the announcer says…watoa scumbag.

Who is your favorite character in Super Mario 2


So what’s the secret to getting to the 3S forums so I can harass Tim Tebbo againe?

wunder gonna need a time stamp buddy.

Princess duh.

VF rulez. Everyone else should get on the VF train. Closest game to 3S that i’ve come across. less fireballz though…


luigi because he can jump the highest


Hey Mike Welsh and 1derp, analyze DIS!


Hey Mike Welsh and 1derr, analyze DIS!


Hey Mike Welsh and 1derr, analyze DIS!


Mike Welsh noooooooo! Wish I could’ve made the farewell party but found out about it too last minute. The thing I’ll miss most is how salty you made that white dude who tried to play Alex on you all the time at Siren. GGs!


No worries! It was a last minute party on a Monday, so I didn’t expect most people to show up, haha. I’ll be back to visit!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and thanks for the Drunk Strike aka 3rd Drunk.

CE will work next time!




stop feeding, start drinking


please tell me when to stop drinking, mwelsh. btw keep an eye on your mail. i sent you a choco taco


Where is the Red Salt!?!?


See you later Space Cowboy…