Dozens of SF2 HF match vids from a 2003 Chinese tournament!

But there is a catch, I dont know how to dld from this site:

I know people have been dlding from this site because some of the other movies have turned up on hubs etc…but not these HF matches. Anyway there are four pages of movies here:

Old schoolers will also be interested in the Bug movies they have, there is one for WW that I managed to find on a hub called:

CLN1 - SF2BUG.wmv

and also one for Champion Edition (looking forward to seeing this one as I’m not aware of any CE bugs, unless you count Bison trap a bug).

If someone can figure this site out and post some links to actual URL it would be fantastic.

Thanks, Crayfish.


I can’t sign up.


I reach the register page but can’t tell if I’m doing it right.


Hoping that someone can figure this out:

This is the link to the page containing the SF2 CE Bug video:


I have cracked Teh CoDE.

In the process of d/ling the 1st vid.

I will let you know how it turns out and if I’m right or not. If so, I will let you know how to sign in, or just let you use my account if you can’t.

I must say, the avatars you can pick from are sah-weeet.

Here’s some instructions if you’re a moron like me and keep getting lost trying to find your way around the webpage.

Ok, first go here

This is the login page. The first field is your user name, the 2nd is your password, and the button below the box is the GO! button. (duh)

There is a text link directly next to the first field, touching it even. Click that to sign up.

Next comes up a page with a box full of garbage (for me anyhow) and a button on the bottom. Click the button.

Then you’re brought to the register page.

1st field = user name
2nd = password
3rd = re-type password
4th = i dunno
5th = ?
6th = email

Underneath the box that the fields are in, is two buttons and a checkbox on the left. Click the checkbox if you wanna pick your avatar and stuff. Otherwise, click the left button.

New page… with a link in a box. The Forum Index page. Anyhways, I can’t remember if you have to log in again or not. But you should have cookies enabled I think when you do. Then when you go to the video page and click the download disk thing, a new page is brought up. With another download disk thing if you’re logged in… Click that, download the video.


BTW: Here another link:

I think it’s a Super Turbo video. I can’t tell yet because I have to d/l the other 6o videos first. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The first few vids I’ve got all suffer from very quick moving black line disease. Whether they’re all like this, I don’t know. I just hope you don’t have epilepsy. They also appear to be in VCD format.

Great thanks for all your hard work Drunkenmaster:)

Really looking forward to getting these, shame about the monitors being out of sync but beggars cant be choosers, so little by the way of HF match videos available. Whats the level of play like in China? I know HongKong players tend to be very good but the mainland is only just starting to be represented on the net.

BTW feilds 4 & 5 that you cant read, do you leave those blank?

Thanks again,

For fields 4 and 5 I typed typed in random words like “Peanuts” and “Anti-freeze” just for the hell of it.

As for the level of play, it’s pretty good. I dunno if they’re rusty, or whatever… But it looks like me and my buddies playing to be honest. I dunno if that’s kudos to us, or bagging on them, but I didn’t see anything that I haven’t seen before. But they do know what they’re doing.

Still nice to watch though because I don’t think i’ve EVER seen vids of HF/CE except for the scattered a-cho HF vid, and some old-ass ancient gamest CE tourney/combo tape my buddy has.

Have you noticed that the logo at the beginning of each vid is disturbingly similar to the logo??!? O_o I wonder who came up with theirs first?

The ST video I mentioned earlier is actually a .rar of 9 seperate .avi’s. Direct feed, so no black lines. Pretty nice. Sims, Guiles, Rogs, Ryus, a crappy fei long, and a Gief who likes to SPD. :slight_smile:

EDIT: edited because i’m an idiot.

Argh, the forums are down atm, hopefully they will be back up soon:mad: . Really looking forward to seeing this stuff.

BTW Drunkenmaster, do you know if the Gamest CE tape has been captured? Ifso do you know what the filename is, so I might search for it on the Hub. I love watching the Gamest HF vid:cool: .

Thanks again, Crayfish.

I have no idea about the CE tape. The only place I saw it was my buddy’s house. I don’t even really know if it’s really gamest to be honest. I know there’s no english AT ALL. There’s combo sections for each character. And then there’s a tourney where Rog wins. When I first saw it back in the day it totally blew my mind. Rog doing double dash combos and meaty TAP, Upper, s.HP combos and other stuff I never saw before.

On the flip side, what it the name of the HF gamest vid? :slight_smile: Is is the same kinda deal and what I described for the CE tape?

You said you didn’t know of CE bugs. Well, the BUG video doesn’t really show all that much. Some bugs, some combos. If you really want to see craziness, TZW Vol 7 (I think) is where it’s at. My same buddy has it on tape (although it’s absolutely TERRIBLE quality) but I don’t know if it’s online anywhere.

If I had a capture card I would hook you up… but alas. :frowning:

? it’s the same as sftchina’s forum signup…

4 and 5th field is a password reminder that you see in some forums.

Example: Whats your pet name?
insert name

I still have no idea a sot how to view teh vids… im totally confused! oh maybe b/ci dont understand japanese! DUH!

That sounds like a Gamest tape, the HF runs in that order too. BTW its filename is:


Its around 150 megs complete.
About the quality of play, I’m still only dlding the first page of vids which I presume are the prelims. There are some poor players but also some very good players, I imagine as the tourney progresses the matches will just get better and better. The only thing that is strange is the speed. HF is the fastest SF ever, even faster than ST Turbo 3 I think, but these matches look very slow somewhere between CE & HF. Maybe the Asisan release was slower or maybe there just fighting in a slower more methodical way than I remember HF???

Yeah, the speed is weird.

How do they pick light blue ken??? You’ll notice a light blue Ken… mainly because he sucks. But anyways, How do you get that color?!? It’s slightly darker than the light blue HF Ryu color.

There’s a Sim vs Ryu match that I thought was really nice. Except for the one fact how Sim always did whiff j.RH when he jumped back. C’MON! DUDE! DP THAT SHIT! He ALWAYS does it! :slight_smile:

lol, thats what I said to myself when I watched the vids, that blue is really funky (nearly as funky as the ST.O.Ken 2p colour). Unfortunately I think its just the normal HF Ken lilac made to look strange by the camera used, doesnt seem to affect the other colours tho so ??

There are quite a few good matches, once you get to page 3 and 4. Loved the Sagat vs Balrog (boxer), Chun Li vs Guile (Chun s.Forward beats Guiles j.Forward outright) and some of the numerous Ryu vs Sim.
Another weird thing is the Chinese liking for Jumpin Roundhouse, Jab.Dragon combo?? Don’t know why they only go for two safe hits? I know HF Ryu can reversal Feirce, Feirce, Fireball with HK but they were using this 2 hit on everybody even with Ken if I remember correctly. Why not go for the big 3 hiters??

Yeah, none of the other colors are different. soooo… >confused<

HF Chun is my favorite Chun. I know ST must be better, but I love the athena-type little blue FB. It’s so slow! Especially with the ghetto firetrap. I can’t believe how stupid fb, then j.forward is, but works so well.

There might be a few reasons why they’re going for the jump-in, DP combo. Just to be safe for one… maybe they might not be close enough for the full combo? I know I’ve whiffed the jab DP sometimes when going for the 3 hitter. Maybe they just want the quick knockdown?

One little thing related to it, is that you are more “stunn-able” <?> when throwing a FB. If you do the 2-hitter, it has a greater chance of dizzy if they’re throwing a FB. Plus you can’t always do the 3-hitter when jumping a FB (range and whatever) so this is good, knocksdown easily, it IS easy, and can dizzy. I don’t think you have to hit as deep either, because the DP is a quick move (Maybe? I dunno)

I noticed Sagat doing it as well, and I think it’s a good idea. Especially if you’re jumping from far out. Definitely going to bite that one. :slight_smile:

Yeah I love HF Chun too, I wish other characters had evolved as much as Chun thru the versions cause in HF2 AE it’ll be like two different characters! I think HF will be able to hold her own against ST, she has her own tricks due to her command fb with awsome recovery and her old MASSIVE airthrow range. I love and play both.

Drunken Master, I hate to say this but I got a new challenge for you:p I have found this awsome new SF2 site, loads of files including a HSF2 AE BUG MOVIE!! But guess what, yep its one of those Chinese sites that you have to join like C1n. I you could focus your problem solving brain onto this one would be very gratefull :slight_smile:

Look in the frame on the left, has a pic of Gouki & Child with BUG written on it. Haven’t had chance to look thu this site yet, if you find ANYthing else of interest please let me know. Thnx

BTW incase we dont cross paths on the hub any time soon the name of the Kurahashi - Choi vid is (two versions of same clip):

file name: Capcom2d.mpg
alt filename: [US vs. Japan 2000] Highlights.wmv


gah. I’m no problem solver. Just a [click, click… nope, hit back button]xN machine.

I definitely want to see the any AE videos though.

>Sigh< the chinese-reading SRK members get to laugh at us yet again. :slight_smile:

I have cracked Teh CoDE!

Click on the bug picture
new window pops up
There are 2 blue links over the click-box, 2small fields, and large message field.
Click the left one (the other one says “upload” on the bottom of your IE bar)
New page
litttle pink arrow thing in the middle of the blue box.
Right-Click the link to the direct right of it.
Save as… “TeHWiNNaR!.zip”

This will work for all the links in that part of the page.

I must say, this is a cool looking page. lot’s of neat pics.

EDIT: check out the part of the site. I’m particularly interested in the blonda chick on the right.

EDIT1: We have been duped! :frowning:

The bug vid is the Mike Z TienAkuma Raging Demon Glitch video. The next vid is a gamecombos ShinAkuma exhibition.
Then there’s a blast from the past. Fighter’s Net Alpha2 Link Exhibition O_o
Alpha 2 Evil Ryu CC blowout glitch exhibition
Then NKI Vol IV. ST ToD Combo Video
Lastly, CvS2 A-Bison CC vid. The last combo is like 99%? :slight_smile:

But check out this page : It has match videos of some kind. I believe a lot are of Warcraft 3, but I don’t know about the rest.

can someone mirror these matches?

Guys … next time you need some chinese help with sftchina or cn1 just send me a pm or something first time for me ever seeing this thread lol… sorry I wasn’t helpful before. Glad you guys figured out most of it.