...DP motion without touching the edges of the gate?


I just learned how to haduken without touching the gate and I was just wondering is there a way to do the DP motion the same way?

This is the video i saw - [media=youtube]fNnXJ4gaenA[/media]


You can do just about every move without touching the gate.


do you use your thumb or something? maybe a description of how you do it would help


I thought one of the advantages of a square gate was that you could utilise the corners. Obviously not for Hados etc but sometimes, particularly in a combo ending in a SRK, I like to end in the down-forward corner so as not to get an unwanted Super.



I believe the OP is referring to riding the gate where the stick is touching the gate at all times. Obviously, for an SRK, it’s advantageous to end the motion in the :df: corner. What shouldn’t be done is passing that corner while doing the move since a proper SRK only requires a “Z” motion to get the :r::d::df:.


You can. That said, there is nothing wrong with using the gate. You will be fine hitting it as long as you don’t let it hinder your execution.


yea i was thinking that a dp motion was right, down, downright, right. i just found out it’s actually right, down, downright, so i guess using the edge would be best. But if d3v can teach me a way to do it without touching that would be great because i think it’s faster not having to go all the way to the edge. The point is to do the motions quicker.


The only way to not touch the gate is to get yourself fast enough to pull the move stop moving the stick as soon as you hear the switch engage but before it hits the gate. It’s usually more effort than it’s worth. In fact most of the time, people are using the physical sensation of hitting the gate as an indicator of when to change direction. In other words, you’re going forward, and then once you feel the tap, you move the stick down, then once you feel another tap, move the stick to the corner. The gates mark the endpoints of your motion, you tap them, but you don’t ride them.


just have to practice moving the joystick around wihtout hitting the gate. some people find it helpful to pretend they’re drawing a C or a Z with the stick.

with the C motion it’s a smoother rolling motion but you have to return back to center before hitting the down direction and with the Z you go directly from forward to down so it’s more direct but it’s a more jerky motion.

but I shameless ride the gate when i do a crouching DP. that’s how real men anti-air DP.
also no homo to all this stick talk.


This basically. When I first started drilling down Ryu’s bnb combo cr.lk, cr.lp > SRK I use to find sometimes that in my haste to connect the shory I wasn’t completig the motion correctly. ie I was going from down-back (whilst hitting lk then lp) and then hitting down-forward, down-forward punch - instead of hitting the down in between the 2 down-forwards. Or even hitting down, down , down-dorward as I wasn’t always hitting that first down-forward trying to ‘feel’ for the microswitch. This was because I was trying to do the Shory shortcut real quick, but now I time it to the sound of hitting the corner and punch buttons. I’ve actually been sweeped in a game thinking I was holding down-back because my character was crouching and I ‘felt’ I was holding down-back, when in actual fact I was just holding down. You do have to bare in mind that I’m relatively new to the arcade stick - just about a year’s experience. So I can appreciate how stick veterans dont perceive these things as execution barriers.



thanks everyone, i think i got it now. I’m just going to keep touching the gate. Basically, I’m going right to the gate, coming back neutral, swooping past down (without touching), then finishing down-right to the gate. I think d3v is right, it’s too much trouble trying to not touch the gate.


I’ve been doing this C since I learned on a stick.

When you do the Z you’re more likely to get :r::df::d::df:


Mostly depends on the deadzone/engage distance of the stick. You’re more likely to get :r::df::d::df: doing the Z on a JLF (58mm) than on an LS-32(63mm) or JLW (66mm).



I am using a JLF.


Well, if you think about it, the Z notation was developed back before the JLF became standard and most sticks had 60+mm engage distances (including Happ sticks at 67mm).


:rofl: that video. he can’t be serious.

make waaaaves.


Never thought of doing a C motion for SRKs. This just might save my wrists from getting obliterated every time I use my TE. o_O


the whole point of a square gate is to make as precise and little movement as possible ie not riding the gate. If you ride the gate you are probably better off with an octo gate. Look at the Japanese, their stick movements are so small and they all use square.


Actually, the point of a square gate is to give you (surprisingly) equal throw areas. This means that you have the same area available to engage diagonals as cardinal directions. This is why most octo and circle gates have throw distances than square gates - the make the gate larger so that there’s more space for the diagonals. With a square gate, there’s no worry about losing throw area for the diagonals.

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