DP or LS? For SFIV TE Fightstick (PS3)



I am new to a joystick for Streetfighter and am still getting used to it, Would it be best to get used to it on the DP (D Pad) Setting or the LS (Left Stick) Setting?
Dose the SFIV arcade machine have a analog stick? Also what do you think a pro go for any ideas?


It doesn’t matter what setting you put it on the game works on both the analog stick or directional pad.

The SFIV board doesn’t have an analog stick everything is run through usb via JVS.


Yep i know the stick works on both i am just wondering what is best to use as in what would be more efective :slight_smile:

Also what dose SFIV bourd mean do you mean the arcaide machine? and what is JVS lol?
Sorry i’m a bit of a newbi to this stuff.


A joystick works like a d-pad. It is strictly 8 way whereas an analog stick on a pad can recognize everything in between. It should not matter either way since most fighting games don’t care about everything in between, but to answer your question: a joystick is more like a d-pad than an analog stick


Thanks :slight_smile:

I will leave it on the D-Pad setting then.