DP + QCF gets cancel into QCFx2


Hello. This is a newbie question. I’m doing trials for KOF XIII. Currently doing Elisabeth trials. There is a move that needs to be cancel. DP then cancel to QCF. But every single time I tried to do it, as clean as possible, after doing the DP takes the QCF as QCFx2. I even tried to do it in slow motion but it just get delayed her super. Not sure what to do. I tried to reset the buffer but my timing execution suffers. When DP cancels into QCF correctly, is just pure luck.


I would think you can do a half circle instead of the QCF to prevent the QCFx2. I’m not certain of that though. You can also do a HCB+F as a long way to do a DP which might work too.

There are quite a few alternate inputs you can do for KOF. You can probably check out Juicebox’s video about this to get more info. https://youtu.be/wSUYStfW56k


Thanks I’ll check the video