Dp Shortcut help


So I am using Seth in Challenge Mode and when I do the LK, LP > HP DP I get the Super more then not. I am on a pad so if someone has arrows to eliminate the shortcut issue I would be very grateful. IF you know of any other fighters with this issue and have the input to NOT do the super I would not mind to have it either. Thank you. - Odd


You’re getting super because you’re mashing the uppercut motion. Just do a simple lk, lp, then make a clean Z-motion (i.e. the real uppercut) motion and you won’t get a super.


Mashing d, d/f + a forward input at the end (+ a late button press or negative edge) = super. (To be honest, d, d/f, d, d/f, f is the only way I input supers and ultras now…)

Press into that corner and don’t slip to forward.


Oh, ok, thnx guys and/or gals