dp trading

what am i doing wrong , ryu will jump in with a late hk and trade with my hp srk should i be doing lp srk or is it my timing

its timiing but once ryu late hk is out the active frame are 7 and akumas hp srk is exec is 3 and active frams are 2’2’12. so it trades and if u block he will grab afetr block stun is very fast. to prevent this dont dp do cHP.

thanks for the info, although cHK ultra would be ideal but i cant do it on reaction as of yet

I play Ryu and everytime I DP on reaction to a jump-in I trade. I don’t know how to do it faster, I guess get a faster reaction.

free ultra imo

edit: the thread title scares me

did you hear that Ryu can’t ultra after a trade anymore in ssf4

I assume you’re playing Akuma in SF4. To get a clean hit, try delaying the DP. Akuma’s fierce DP has one tenth of a second of invulnerability right at its start. You can use the [ d/f, d, d/f ] shortcut motion to keep yourself in a crouching position–which makes you a lower target–right up until the DP actually starts.

Praise the Lord Almighty Himself. XD