DP tricks?

I just recently read some filipino log that played a few games in FFA. Was kinda surprised on some things he said

He said there’s this ken player that when his cMK or jHK gets parried, he DPs to blow through the attack after the parry. How well does this work?

Is it really possible to link cMP into a DP with ken?

why wouldnt you be able to cancel c.mp to dp?

Naw, ‘cancelling’ is different from ‘linking’ in 3s. ‘Linking’ is like what those robotic chuns do with cMK > SAII, they don’t cancel their cMKs but it still combos into SAII.

Chun’s mk is a very late cancel, not a link. Linking is when the move’s animation finishes completely, but still allows you to combo into special/super/whatever.

you can link into strong Shoryu from c. strong vs. a crouching Dudley.

however, regarding the Shoryuken after having his move parried, that’s cancelling.

SlimX referred to that as parry reaction buffers, or PRB for short. what it’s for is to punish people who try to parry everything and counter.

back when i used Makoto, i had a casual match vs. a buddy of mine who used Hugo. in one sequence, he knocked me down and did a clap as i got up. since it was kinda telegraphed, i parried it -> c. strong x hayate. later on in the round, he knocked me down again and clapped again. i parried and i was gonna do c. strong x hayate but he cancelled his parried clap into Gigas. GGPO.

you can also do stuff like that if your anti-air is parried.

e.g., Ken jumps in on Dudley -> Dudley anti-airs with s. strong -> Ken parries and does a move -> Dudley cancels s. strong into Corkscrew Blow -> Ken eats fist.


Why do I have this feeling that robo chun was an intended playstyle by capcom :tdown:

Only when opponent is crouching? Wasn’t so practical after all. Unless there’s a way to set the opponent in a crouching but not blocking state. pfft

I see, so it’s called PBP. I’m a bit fammiliar like when I would do cMK(gets parried) then do SA3 to punish their counter. Lots of chars can probably do pbp which involves a super in the end but I didn’t think ken could pbp with a DP.

I’ve been practicing cMK>DP or jHK>DP lately with ken but I get grabbed all the time before the DP comes out. Probably should do it out of grabbing range.

Since I’m here, is it possible to strong Shoryu a limb (like chun’s stand Fierce) then cancel into SA3 at the first hit (with the rest of the super hitting)? Or strong Shoryu dosen’t have high priorities like jab Shoryu has?

j.hk xx dp. The jump-in should hit really low then, but its more a parry bait if someone parries the j.hk and wants to throw, the dp hits, but it has its risks If you hit with j.hk its still better to do c.mk xx dp after that :slight_smile:

And shoryuken her limbs is a good idea, do it out of range and dont make it so obvious (make sure you hit that shit) but dont go into super, if she blocks she can punish you badly, plus lp dp xx super only hits 2-3 times because the opponent is in the air, mp dp is better, but mp dp has a far bigger window to punish when missed, whereas a lp dp MIGHT save you if they try to punish too late.

Thats fucken great! :rofl:

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Chun’s C. MK > SAII is actually a late cancel not a link.
See Thongboy Bebop’s videos if you don’t believe me.

its called baiting the opponent to low parry.

when u attempt a low parry on wake up that makes u crouch without having the option to block (especially if ken did this… pretty easy for him to see the st strong hit someone crouching).

Chun Li’s Cr.MK > SA2 is an example. You low parry her cr.mk, do anything, and you get hit by the SA2.

Lol what are you man?? a walking 3S encyclepedia?

if you low parry Chun’s c. forward and she cancels into SA2, do an uppercut if you have one or a super and she’ll eat it fo’sho’.

:lol:. about that little tid bit, i got that from a vid by Emphy and Opera.