I just strted play cvs2 and all want to know is what is a DP ???


Dragon Punch. Look at threads before posting, it’s all over the fucking place.

so when someone says I DPed that and they were playing with fucking bison, they mean dragon punch???

They might mean dragon punch as in the motion.

You do know bison does have a fucking dp motion move right?

Bison DP = PTF (paint the fence) = fireball eater = multi-hit flashy hand = A-Bison’s CC (custom combo) = f,d,df+p

the paintbrush

they might have meant that they did the motion to “paint the fence” and probably roll canceled it so it was invincible and was actually worth doing as an anti-air? i don’t know.

Dorm Pasta

what he said

oh ok good shit thanks…

Umm wow…never heard of anybody asking this question in a thread before :confused:

If it was and A - groove CC…double penetration