DPad to Arcade stick....not easy


Hey guys, been a member for a few weeks now, and I’ve been a SF player for many many years.
I’m having a bit of an issue making a transition from Dpad to arcade stick.
Like I said, I’ve been playing SF since as far back as I can remember, but , always with a Dpad.
I can do just about any move with the dpad, and adapt quickly to different fighters with it as well, but I’ve always sucked major ass in the arcade since I had no clue how to execute moves with a stick.
I’ve avoided arcades in an effort to maintain my credibility, since I felt if I lost at the arcade, people would think I sucked period, when in fact, I could always beat whoever beat me in the arcade with the dpad.

Anyway, I’ve been working with the TE stick on Ps3 (sf4 and SfhdR) for some time now, and I cannot, for the life of me, do input command supers (like Ryu’s fireball, Fei Longs Ultra, etc) on that thing.
I can ge tthem out 85 percent of the time from P2 side, but from P1 side, I cannot pull it off effectively, only about 5-10 percent of the time, which keeps costing me many matches.

I can play well with chargers on it, but I do tend to get “stuck” on P1 side when crouching.

Are there any people here who have transitioned 100 percent from a dpad to a stick, and would be willoing to give me a few pointers?
I’m thinking it might be my hand placement, or my general move inputs on the stick, not sure, but I know if I’m going to find someone who’s gone through this, it’d be here.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the wall-o-text.


Work your wrist, loosen it, it is a start.


Same here, I’m actually thinking of going back to the D-pad. My Bison fundamentals just suck and I dont see how the hell I can pull combos/teleports/Charge-moves out there.

On a positive side the charge-ultra’s are now very easy to do from both sides, and I can even juggle to the Dictator one in the air, which is (imo) impossible with the D-pad.

Guess you just have to get used to it, or give up completely.


Well, lets say with ryu, go and do hadokens right after another. just keep going untill they come out right after another. Then in stead of 1 :qcf: do 2 :qcf:. See if that helps.

But if your good on pad then why play on stick. Go to tourneys and play pad and see how you do


Maybe, I can blame jiu Jitsu for that, too may wrist locks…


I can pull a charge super out of nowehere on the stick, even easier than the dpad, but everyhting else just suffers, I accidentally jump a lot.


I’ve tried that, and I can do hadoukens fine, it’s just the supers that are killing me, when I try to do it fast, I sometimes jump, or a dragon punch comes out mainly.


Well you could try to read this.

Don’t know if it will help.
I simply played on my stick and I got use to it after a bit.


i feel your pain, i was having the same problem for quite some time (still have trouble). best advice i can give is when you go for the supers and ultras, wiggle the stick back and forth from down to towards and hit the button right after towards (too soon and its a dragon punch). the square gate on the japan style sticks is a very tough beast to get used to. worst case scenario you may want to consider ordering an octogonal gate for it after the warrenty runs out. the octo gate does make it a little easier to do the super/ultras


There’s a good write up @ Eventhubs

There’s some really good pointers in that write up. The one that sticks in mind is practice, practice, practice.

Personally I found it difficult as well, because the joystick was just “too accurate”, and it seemed to be a lot more frantic when I played.

BUt this is essentially is the advantage of using a joystick vs. a dpad (for most people anyways). Once I had gotten over the simple stuff, I found my execution and timing just kept getting better and better, and continues to improve.

Keep on trucking, it seems difficult now but you’ll eventually master it and come to love it.


Tell me about it. I’ve been playing Stick for a few months now and i’m a lot more comfortable with it now but I still screw up inputs that I shouldn’t. Part of that may be that I’m not nor will every be at pro level. On the flip side I can do some things with stick I never could with pad like actually play a grappler.

Also finding the grip that’s comfortable for you is essential. I couldn’t do anything until I started playing with 2 fingers in front to fingers in back. I may change my grip yet for the sake of Tager play but I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without discovering my first comfortable grip.


Good stuff man, thanks, I’m trying it out now, but I do agree that I’ll need a more hands on approach in order to get the best out of it.

I’m on ps3 if anyone wants to train, PSN tag is BBronx.


it’s all just mental muscle, I don’t believe that there’s any techniques that make learning how to play on a arcade stick any easier or quicker (a part from the obvious goto training mode). only thing I would say though is get good at putting the joystick into neutral. As imo this is the most important thing for good execution. more than likely If a ultra/super is not working it’s because the joystick is not going to neutral in between each qcf motion.


I found getting better at double inputs for ultras was best done by just spending a lot of time in training mode and doing the double motion slowly making sure my inputs looked accurate. Then I just gradually increased speed as I kept repeating it, going back to slow if my inputs started looking bad. It took a while but that’s what helped me.


i just switched from pad to stick a week ago, i can’t consistently do hadokens and other moves when im the p2 side. This frustrates me to no end. any tips? I practice doing 50-100 hadokens to warm up everytime i play but no improvement :frowning:


Turn on input display in training and go through the motions. Do it slow at first and make sure the motions are correct. Speeding it up is easy, but getting into bad habits by mashing motions is much tougher to break.


practice practice practice practice… seriously that is all there is to it.


I recommend playing other games with the stick. Try a beatem up like Castle Crashers or Alien vs Predator. Play some Shmups on Mame like Garude or ESP.Ra.De. Practice simpler fighters, like SF2 on Final Burn and learn basic spacing. Me? I played a lot of Geometry Wars with it (setting the fire to same stick).

Once you start thinking about playing video games as a whole with the stick, fighting games will become natural. Play everything you can with it, RPG’s, Super Mario Bros, whatever! Pretend your console is an arcade machine. You got a PC, you got access to any arcade game you want! All of them at the tip of your fingers!

Fucking play some goddamn Shinobi or something. Metal Slug, what have you. The way it was meant to be played. That way, you’ll be able to play Street Fighter the same way. The way it was meant to be played.


above post is godly.

I would say if you are a gamer who play a large variety of games, that’s a good way to start, Play mame and start beating things up, you will get better in no time.

Level 1: Final Fight
Level 2: Captain Commando
Level 3: Striker 1945
Level 4: Alien vs Predator, Knights of the Round
Level 5: Outzone (with the single shot shoulder cannon, you will need to do a lot of spins lol)
Level 6: Cadillac and Dinosaurs
Level 7: Mutant Fighter
Level 8: Waku Waku 7
Level 9: Street Fighter 2
Level 10: Graduation, move to games you really want to play.


when i transitioned, it was hard too, but what i did was just go to training practice executing moves first on both 1p and 2p side, then practice executing combos on both sides again until it was pretty natural feeling