Dpad Xbox 360 controller, mod or other alternative. (PC)


At the moment I am currently using a ps3 controller on my PC with motionjoy. It seemed to work most of the time. Until I noticed that it would occasionally randomly input a direction when buttons are being pressed or held down. This is a problem with the software and I’m just tired of dealing with it. I would’ve bought a 360 controller but I hate the dpad on it. So I looked up mods for the 360 controller and there are some for the transforming dpad which I don’t want because it breaks easily. I also saw some dpad mods for the regular 360 controller but nothing that actually changes the the dpad into a cross. I basically just want a dpad that is either like the playstation dpad or a nintendo crosspad. At the same time I don’t want a regular usb pad because I hate dealing with software that tries to emulate an xbox360 controller. I want to plug it in and it should work. I also looked at thrustmaster pads but the reviews are mixed.

Are there any good dpad mods for the 360 controller that just changes it into a crosspad?

Are there any 360 gamepads with a good crosspad that I can plug into a PC and be recognized as an xbox 360 controller?


This, maybe? http://forums.xbox-scene.com/lofiversion/index.php/t655017.html


Also some gamepads for example Razer Sabertooth have a much much better D-Pad than the original Xbox 360.


The Logitech controllers F310, F510, and F710 are exactly what you need.


I recommend the Mayflash ps3 to pc adapter. The adapter turns the ps3 controller into a 360 pad. My brother has it for his Big picture/tv setup. I didn’t do any deep deep testing for lag but I was able to do all my 1 frame links on street fighter 4 just fine.


That doesn’t necessarily (AKA, it doesn’t, unless I missed something big) change it into a 360 controller – it only changes how Windows identifies it, turning it into an XInput device so it’s as supported as a 360 controller for things like big picture. There’s ways to do that in software (IIRC MotioninJoy has a 360 emu option; there’re other ways) without a spendy adapter, in fact.

… OK, here’s the part where I laugh at the fact that that thing even exists. I find this HILARIOUS, though admittedly IIRC wireless syncing a PS3 controller to your PC is a real PITA, so I guess there’s at least one use case where it’s not a waste of money. But really, if you don’t mind wired controller, there is no reason why that adapter exists.

Currently I don’t think anyone knows of any reliable, solid PS3->360 controller adapters; IIRC, the same is true for the reverse as well.


There is this thing

I don’t have any idea how well it works and it’s 60 bucks so I don’t know if it’s even worth it.


No no no no no!

XCM products are terrible, input lag and dropped inputs galore. Do not even waste your money on this.


I haven’t use one of their products before so I didn’t know of the lag.


So I guess the two options are… buy xbox 360 controller rip it up some and modify it. Or buy a $100 pro controller. Jeez, you’d think that something as simple as a dpad would be easy to design. It’s been done reasonably well by nintendo and sony in the past. Valve should step up to the plate and end this stupidity.


Look up the Logitech F310. It works as an Xbox controller on PC.


There’s a lot of patent issues going on there, different companies have patents of different elements and styles. And why do you think the transforming controller breaks easily?


Apologizes, late night post there, I should of been more clear. Obviously the controller doesn’t, out of pure awesomeness transform into a 360 controller lol.

The op was asking for options other than motionjoy due to “tiresome issues” but I get where you’re coming from.

It’s a great wireless (or wired) solution to those who dislike having to start an program to use a controller and deal with syncing it everytime.

I’d pay at least $50 $100 dollars to not have to use motionjoy and have a dead easy plug n play solution that works reliably every time/auto syncs. But thats just me.


Well, when I do a search on transforming dpad on google and some of the search results are talking about broken dpad fixes. And then if do a search on transforming dpad broken and get a lot of tutorials on how to fix a broken transforming dpad. I’d just rather not deal with it.

As for patents issue. The only patent issue that I can think of is with nintendo crosspad which I’m pretty sure expired years ago.

I did look up the f310. It has a disc shaped dpad and I’ve hated those things things since the genesis days.