DPDT Switch mount


I finished my dual modded TE stick a while ago and i didnt really know how to mount the DPDT switch. I figured that since i dont switch often between the two systems it wouldnt be a big deal if i just opened it up when i needed to switch.

I was wrong.

I just wanted to see what you guys mounted your switches with because when i bought the thing from radio shack, all it came with was the switch. so what materials did you use to mount the switch with?

I used this switch from ratshack: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102475

I Opened the cord compartment, and drilled a small hole right of center (if you’re facing the compartment with the stick upright). I don’t recall what size, but just bigger than the threaded part. Switch actuation is left/right.

edit: Site states 1/4" hole for mounting.

I just drilled a small hole, use the nut & washer on each side of the plastic. I drilled my hole through into the inside of the cable case, so the switch is hidden.


See the blue/green wires? They are hooked up to the switch at the end

thanks for the quick replies, but how exactly are you getting it to stay mounted. i havent drilled my hole yet, but to me it seems like if i did, the switch would be loose.

btw thanks for the pic jmro

Isn’t there a threading thing?
That makes it secure.

threading? im not sure if i know what youre talking about.

all it came with was the switch

There is like a nut thing that you can remove.
It is at end of the switch.

Toggle Switch right?
Or did you get Slide or Rocker?

But even Rocker Switches have thread and nut.

The threaded nut holds the switch in place, not loose at all.

oh ok, hey thanks alot for the input fellas.

i really appreciate it