Dr.B's Evo 07' Challenge Thread

I’m accepting grudge matches,money matches,and casuals…in CvS2

In 3S,GGXX,VF5,TK5,A3,MvC2…casuals and grudge matches

Who dare's to challenge Tatsu's Lead ??? SEE YOU AT:

        EVO 2007....

                BE THERE !!!

Also a quick shout out to all the players that i met and that kicked it the years before…holla back. And to all the SRK STAFF





EVO DVD CvS2: 2002 vs KSK , 2003 vs DAIGO

lol :rolleyes:

Awwww…we not have to hate now…

 -D R B

:annoy: :rofl: :confused: :wonder: :lol:

Dr. B, What up…

How bout a money match in CvS2, a 2v2, me and my boy versus you and your boy, to make things interesting.

Let me know whats up…

It’s an honor…I accept…I will choose my partner closer to Evo 2K7 time…Keep in touch…

  -D R B

i’ll play some casuals in GG.

if I go, cvs2 2/3 $20 :rock:

aLRIGHT…it’s official…

 KOOGY: I accept for casuals in GGXX maybe 3/5


DR.B vs. Pigadoken 2/3 for $10 CvS2

DR.B vs. SNAAAAKE 2/3 for $20 CvS2

DR.B and ??? vs. RON. O and ??? for $? in CvS2

MM me for 40$. 3/5
you still owe me a MM snake. 3/5 20$?

Hail and Kill: $20 2/3 CvS2…I will issue any challenge for 3/5’s due to having a super busy schedule while I’m in Vegas…

Laugh: $20 2/3 CvS2 i will be playing you with A Groove …

To all my other challenge’s and grude matches see you at EvO !!!


S-Groove vs P-Groove 3 outta 5 for $20. Ive stepped up!!!

Still waiting for my Mai shirt!

Sups RAISHINKEN !!! My old friend from back home !!!

Aye Imma be so freakin busy at Evo2k7....so can we do 2/3 ??? Gets back at me...I will bring the Custom Mai T-Shirt....See you soon dude.

P.S - I will be selling my world famous fighting game T’s at Evo so gets at me…

  -D R B

I’ll play 3s casuals with you yo…

I’m down…gets at me at Evo West or Evo World !!!


If I can get out there were gonna have to run a few matches in cvs2 seeing as we never really get to play when im in cali because choi is usually on a vicious win streak, lol. Set and price to be determined, depends if actually decide to practice or not.

I suggest you practice…I will grant you a mercy match of $10…green up !

-D R B


Wow Dr.B still rocking CVS2.

I hope you still rep S groove. We had some fun games back in 2003 at svgl casuals.

Laters DR.B.

Ill cya at evo this year. Going to go hit it up again.

i’ll finally get to meet your ass instead of catching you on at random times on AIM.
MM or casuals or whatever if i can make it out which looks really good atm

haha, ill try and get some practice in, i need that $10, lol. might be in cali before then too, ill hit you up if im gonna be out there.

2/3 mm $30 on cvs2 vs dr. b