Dr.B's Lab - My CvS2 Advice and Strats

Sups to all the CvS2 headz…I just wanted to post a thread to share my strats with the community…I specialize in C and S Groove, But I am fortunate enough to have played all the other top players from Cali to Japan. I also am experienced in all the other grooves and many of the characters…So lemme know If any of my CHEAP tactics can help you become a more solid player. yeah IM BACK BITCHES !!!




Yo Doc. You gots to come by SJGL sometime and show some of the folks there what your S-Groove all bout. That shit is off the hook man. ^_-

Anyways, i’ll share what I know, I’m not the greatest player out there, but i do what i can to survive >_<

In most of your videos I see you using the usual Sagat, Blanka and Cammy with the exception of Bison. Why don’t you use any mid-low tier characters (S-Groove) in tournaments? Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Morrigan, Sakura, Terry, Yuri, Yamazaki? I think the only non-top tier I’ve personally seen you use is Athena and that was pretty fun to watch. My main question is do you use these top tiers because you don’t think the High/mid-low tier class can hang competition wise in S-groove.

Thanks for hollerin back Magnus02 and GuardCrush:

As far as Mid and Low Tier’s in S-Groove I do like Ryu,Athena,Sakura,and Chun. I’m just more of a Sag,Cam,Bis,etc type of player…I like their move sets and what I can do with them…Some of the Mid Tier’s it’s harder to find abusive shit with them…as in setups,and practical use…BUT I have been experimenting with more characters to help further my training with S-Groove…For now it’s under contruction…I DO plan to bust it out in tourney play real soon…Which characters do you use???


I’m not speaking for B but using characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Morrigan, Sakura, Terry, Yuri in S Groove is like using Raiden, Dan, Morrigan, Dhalsim in A groove. I know there are players that can use those characters that I just mentioned very well in A groove…but majority will prefer Rolento, Blanka, Bison, Sakura in A. Just like majority will prefer Cammy, Sagat, Blanka in S groove since they have good reach after the dodge and be at a safe distance after doing so, not to mention their Lev 3s do one of the most damages in the game out of all the other grooves.

Bhushan pretty much just said it…that is a great comparison…not to knock any lower tier S Users…cause’ I have met some lower tier S users that have takin it to me and others very well…so Imma work on em’…but my squads that I use are lethal…

Any ideas for a good K or N team??? Just bringing my side of those grooves out to the scene.


I mean I guess, but that just seems like you guys are saying I use them because their the best and everyone else uses them :confused: (not trying to be a dick). Anywho, as far as the characters I use I really like Ryu in S-Groove because I believe S is the ultimate rushdown groove (even over N-groove) and that just fits Ryu’s gameplan. His dodge punch comes out quick and has great range. Really abusable level ones are a key for him as well. I also like Chun and Cammy a lot. As far as good teams for N and K groove . . . . I really like Guile in N-Groove. Hibiki fits well in both of those grooves as well.

As far as K teams go… aside from the obvious Sagat, Cammy and Blanka… characters that work extremely well are K-Vega, Hibiki, Mai, Rolento, Yamazaki, Ken, Ryu, Morrigan all which aren’t really used in K and I feel underrated…

My K team is Vega/Blanka/Sagat, I’m trying to work Ken and Yama in the mix more often than not… K-Ken is just insane rushdown.

Characters that work alright in K are Bison, Sakura, Guile (for some reason he works well in every groove) and pretty much anyone you can think of… K makes any character a threat.

Doc B, I think you should use S-Morrigan… just take some tips from Leezy and Buk and mix up your own tactics.

Guardcrush, I’ve experimented with S Blanka and S Ryu… and as awesome as S-Ryu’s dodge punch and level 1’s are… Blanka has way too many mix ups in S Groove. I still think if Doc loses S-Bison and picks up S-Blanka more seriously he’d be a bigger threat in tournaments… S Blanka is just way too deadly.

i play S-Morrigan in a few tournies; her dodge kick is more vertical so it’s also good as an AA, Level 1’s are useful during Red Energy and seems much more of a threat, her rushdown is more lethal (IMO), just observe Buktooth’s Morrigan and mix up your own stuff, she’s got combos galore :tup:

ps. i also use S-Sakura and S-Rock, any tips on them?


God knows I’m not the greatest CvS2 player, but I was taught the basics from Dr.B, Crescent X, Brood, The Senyor… haha. But I think a good N squad, B, would be the one I play and that I think it pretty effective.

Terry, Cammy[R2]… bitch can rush made shit down, and Sagat. If you guys wanna know why, I’ll ELABO on anotehr date. Holla front.

K-Geese is very effective. IMO. JD sagat’s FP, and then counter with cr. lp, cr. fk combo. Cr. FP is a hella good standard anti air. Counter attacks, forward + FP into fp. fireball does so much guard damage when the other character is rising in the corner. good rushdown. his supers does MASSIVE DAMAGE. low jump FP/FK are really good. has good connectors into neo rave. overall, he’s just a really good character for K-groove. I personally like using him the most on K-groove when i get the chance to use K-groove now. But that’s just my two cents on why he’s good on K. He’s a big character (actually, if you look at the framework for the characters, Geese is actually taller than Sagat!) so he get’s hit easily by a lot of moves even when he crouches, but even so, he can JD so it more than makes up for it. That’s just my two cents though.

Well during my short S Groove stint I used Sakura quite a few times. Her low life/flashing meter game is extremely good, but over all I don’t feel she’s too solid. Still, her dodge-kick is as abusable and just as good as Ryu’s dodge punch. Also, like S-Sagat, you can get free chip damage off any poke when she is in red. You can spam K Groove to death with that shit. Like Cammy, Sakuras throw range is really abusable as well, when I have seen Doc B play Cammy he gets a LOT of dodge>throws on people … the same can be done with Sakura.

Can anyone kick down some Ken strats? Mostly C and K-Ken, how do you approach a matchup against Sagat? He seems to give me the most trouble when I play Ken.

Brood: I like S Morrigan rush down…alot actually…but she’s so soft when she gets hit…sometimes it’s not worth it…but then again it can be.

Guard Crush:S-Ryu is one of the best S groove rush down characters…he has abusable level 1’s and can go crazy on desperation mode.

Dirty:As far as N-Groove Terry,Cammy,Sag…thats not a bad team…N-Terry can be strong as long as you stay on the move with him…all of N grooves features benefit him well…

PsychoChronic: For S Sakura…use her dodge plus any kick to punish whiffed pokes…dont forget to cross fools up when ever they give it to you…She really doesnt have to jump much to be effective. Keep that meter full or near full for a level 1 opening or for alpha…and just keep your defense solid.

Any ideas for a K groove team for me??? Something interesting too…


when in doubt, tiger uppercut out

thx for the S-Groove tip :tup:

K-Groove tip: Raiden is deadly! :badboy:

any tips on using K-Athena? :tup:

i can’t do sagat’s jabs/shorts into super for the life of me in tourney. i have no problems doing it in training or casuals.

i think i’m cursed, should i just drop sagat and use something crazy like mago C-blanka, or should i just try to learn to play a comboless C-sagat as my anchor?

Doc- B you should play my mad Rush down K-hotness team, of K-Akuma, K-Geese, K- Cammy. That team can wreck you before you know what happened. Just don’t get hit.

K-Random. I will give you mad propz and a thumbs up for choosing that team. I might even give you two thumbs up ^_-

K groove Rock, Cammy, Sagat

I heard “BAS” was saying It was one of the strongest teams in the game.


I hope somebody recorded your evo tournament match vs. LTB

What groove did play when u beat John? S groove or C ? :confused: :karate:

Brandon, as for a K Groove team… who do you enjoy playing in that groove? Character selection isn’t as important as who you have fun playing with… thats why I dropped Cammy in K and picked up Vega. Yes, Cammy is stronger in K than Vega is, BUT if I don’t enjoy playing her then whats the point? I won’t do as well.

After playing Lax Tactics, I want to try some K Terry. He doesn’t seem too bad at all.