Dr Doom Av Request

For a while now I’ve been wanting a new Dr Doom av, something badass or funny. My idea was using this
Doom’s ballliiiin with him dunking like Shaq or something.

If that’s doesn’t work then there’s these sprites to work from. What ever you creative artists can come up with:tup::

Doom’s pimp throne,
ground launcher,
Doom lol’s at joo,
Molecular Shield
Thank you in advance!

Doom Rocks would look cool if the rocks were the numbers/letters in your name.

So 4-p-l-a-y would be rotating around him.

or if he launched the rocks and it spelled out 4play…fuck…iunno…tossing up ideas.

dunno how they’d look w/ un-prem though.

:bluu: @ .dub.


Good ideas bro.
If only I had prem but we’ll see what happens.

Here’s one attempt. Seizures!

Here’s a second attempt. Uh…WHINE!

^ That’s pretty fucking sweet.

I’m kinda jealous.

/misses having animated AV’s.


I like the BBall idea :smiley:

You’d be surprised just how many of Dr. Doom’s frames would be BBall compatible :wgrin:… shame you’re not prem.

(besides making the hoop I also made a scoreboard with your name popping up on it when Dr.D scored… but alas couldn’t use it because I ran out of size limmit :wasted:)

[edit] ahh… left the window open so didn’t see that Sasmasta posted an av already

Nice work .dub.! :tup:

Hand drawn hoop AND scoreboard? Mas impressario.

All awesome AV’s.

4play will shit himself when he see’s these. :rofl:


When I get premium one of these days I’m gunna suck up to .dub. like no other.

No kidding

Changes pants

They’re all great av’s. Seriously I got a hard time choosing here. :tup: to both Sasmasta and .dub. Lord Doom is pleased.

Just keep them all in your repitua (sp?) and switch every so often. They’r eall dope. I’m jelous, too.

Fixed… I think.

I can do that? I can keep them all? Well I rock this one now.

Yeah, I have like 20 different AV’s I change constantly, but I usually give credit to the current one I’m sporting.

Also, only reason I’m NOT saying “av by:” in my sig, is cause no one made this AV. I googled that shit son.