Dr. Doom Combo Thread



Cause every character forum needs a combo thread :o!

Here is a quick guide for people who are new or unfamiliar with the button notation or terminology for Marvel vs Capcom 3:

:atk: = any attack button
:atk::atk: = any 2 attack buttons
:l: = light attack
:m: = medium attack
:h: = hard attack
:s: = exchange/special
:a1: = Assist 1
:a2: = Assist 2

:db:=db, down back, 1
:d:=d, down, 2
:df:=df, down forward, 3
:b:=b, back, 4
:f:=f, forward, 6
:ub:=ub, up back, 7
:u:=u, up, 8
:uf:=uf, up forward, 9

dj=double jump
nj= neutral jump
jc=jump cancel
AD=Air Dash
IAD=Instant Air Dash
~=right after/follow-up
OTG=Off the Ground
XFC/KFC=X-Factor Cancel


  1. Please refer to the following thread for notation http://shoryuken.com/f340/notation-should-we-use-mvc3-256191/
  2. Include what distance the combo works eg. Midscreen, Corner, etc…
  3. Include the damage if possible. If the combo damage is variable due to how a Super works then just put a note that it’s variable.
  4. If your combo includes an assist please state what character and what type of assist you have choosen. Please avoid using the A, B, Y assist notation and just type out which assist it is.
  5. Please note any important information needed to perform the combo such as delays or timing.

** Combos - No Assist:**

Anywhere on Screen:
c.:l: c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: j.:f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) :dp::atk::atk:
704,900 damage, 1 meter, no X-Factor, builds 1.5 meter

** Combos with Assists:**

X-Factor Combos:

Anywhere on Screen:
c.:l: c.:m: s.:h: XFC s.:m: s.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: j.:f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) :dp::atk::atk:
1,300,000+ damage, 1 meter, no assist, level 1 X-Factor, builds 2.1 meter

Trag Combos:


reserved, in case


c.:l: c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: j.:f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) :dp::atk::atk:
704,900 damage, 1 meter, no assist, no X-Factor, builds 1.5 meter

c.:l: c.:m: s.:h: XFC s.:m: s.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: j.:f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) c.:m: c.:h: :s: (jump) j.:m: :f::h: xx AD:df: j.:m: (land) :dp::atk::atk:
1,300,000+ damage, 1 meter, no assist, level 1 X-Factor, builds 2.1 meter


I did a 100% Doom combo last week too. It kills most of the cast except for characters with health above 1.1mil (with X factor, it would obviously kill even Sentinel)
Check out my vid for further details/data: [media=youtube]Z6El4HiWr8Y[/media]

(Note that only after creating the video, I discovered that you can do medium Molecular Shield after the st.H before the super for a little extra damage(plus it makes it easier to hit with Sphere Flame))


can i get some tips on how to do buktooths loop? I can only launch twice before they get too high for anything to hit.


Probably the easiest Corner Combo to learn:
cr.L, cr.M, S, j.M (2Hit), j.6H, j.S, 22, (st.H [2Hit], S, j.M (2Hit), j.6H, j.S, 22)x3, st.H, Molecular Shield L, lvl 3

I didn’t use cr.H at the start because I’m practicing my hit confirms.

You can do the second hit of the st.H every single time, but the L Molecular Shield won’t work on smaller characters.

If you land all the hits of Molecular Shield, it should do 1,103,300. It won’t work if you start off with anything else added before the combo like a j.M, but you can omit the second hit of the j.M or st.H during some parts of the combo in order for it to work. You’ll probably only get 1,050,000 or higher like that.
In order for Sphere Flame to work, do one less rep.

The combo with the extra hits on st.H will give you a little over two bars of meter, so it actually costs at least 1 bar to do the combo.


Any Bnb’s? The combos listed here can’t possibly any BnBs…


Those combos will be his bread and butter, get into that lab and learn em my friend. They are easy once you start getting the air dash down after the forward C


A combo that works midscreen starting from any hit and builds more meter than it spends can’t possibly be a BnB??


Yeah that’s the great thing about Dr.Doom. He’s very execution based but once you get him down his BnB’s are like Wesker. Probably even better as far as overall damage output. With 3 meters he has easy 100 percent bnb’s so its like ridiculously good to not take advantage of. Dr.Doom is pretty much designed as a solid self sufficient zoner but also as a powerful offensive type if you learn the execution. Which not only do u have to learn his bnb execution but you’ll also need to learn his movement execution so you can get him to move around quick through normal dash cancels, and dash jump cancels and tri jumps. Without all of that your Doom can’t do much other than spam shit at the far end of the screen even if you get the bnb execution down.


How are u guys comboing the level 3 hyper? LIke what kind of properties does the move have to make it fall into combos? I am either doing it too early or too late but I just don’t know when it should work. do i have to catch the guy like right before they fall? does it OTG?


During the Buktooth loop you can combo from c.:h: straight into level 3 hyper.

In other news: I actually managed to connect 4 iterations of the Buktooth loop today. However, it’s not possible to do 4 loops and then connect Sphere Flame, and doing 4 loops then Photon Array only does 5k more damage than doing 3 loops into Sphere Flame, and the timing becomes incredibly strict when doing 4 loops. The added difficulty is absolutely not worth the extra 5k damage :confused:


Basically it acts like Viper’s Burst Time ultra in SFIV where it has a hit box that works in juggles if u push the opponent low enough to the ground during a juggle and make them land on it. You can go straight into it after air dash down forward M into c.H or give yourself a little bit more damage and a confirm with c.M, c.H.


What is your definition of Bread and Butter? To me, it means a generic combo that does decent damage and can be reliably pulled off on hit-confirm regularly.

BnB is not supposed to refer to ridiculously hard combos that take hours of practice in training mode and even then can only be reliably pulled off online 1/10 times. As a matter of fact that would be the opposite of my definition of “bread and butter”.



alot of possibilities for resets in bucktooths loop also. I have the worst execution but in this game after about an hour of practice even i can pull of the loop consistently. he has great combos to kill a charcter off and some high reset possibilties. and you are spot on in reference to his zoning


I’m having problems doing the loop. I get the 1st relaunch, but then they tech out of the 2nd relaunch…


That combo is not even remotely difficult. I’ve spent maybe a total of 4 hours in training mode on it (with almost no mvc2 experience) which is peanuts in the grand scale - 4 hours is nothing. That exact combo I’d say I have about a 60-70% success rate on and my execution is horrible. If I modify the combo to only do 2 loops then the success rate jumps to at least 90%. As for hit confirms - you can do that combo off of ANY hit and you have a ton of time to react to the hit because Doom has great range on his normals, huge frame advantage on hit, and you can finish magic series before you launch giving you time to decide what to do.

If you aren’t willing to put some time into training mode then you shouldn’t be playing fighting games, plain and simple. Take Abel in SFIV - f+mk xx dash s.hp xx qcf+hp FADC c.hp Ultra/Falling Sky took a ton of practice for anyone to be able to do - it had a one-frame link, an FADC with tight timing, and no time to react to hit confirm because the one-frame link was the link from the first to the second hit, and yet it was universally accepted as his bread and butter. Bread and butter doesn’t mean easy, it means non-situational and effective. Let’s not even get into what SFIV C.Viper calls bread and butter.

And for what it’s worth - reliability online has absolutely no bearing on anything whatsoever.


BnB pretty much means the stuff that you’re going to see most often in top level play. It’s how the analogy works. Most European nations have bread (and consequently butter) with nearly every meal.


You are a beast. Thanks for posting the video. It looks like you hit the air mp early to keep Captain America low. Although, I still can’t seem to hit the third launcher. Irritating, but the video helps a lot. Thank you.


Always hit the rising :m: as early as possible, cancel into :f::h: as fast as possible after the second hit, cancel the :f::h: into :df:air-dash as fast as possible, and do the descending :m: as late as possible (as late that they wont tech out and you still get two hits anyway, except on the third loop you have to do it immediately, only get one hit, then land and sphere flame immediately).