Dr.Doom/Metallica avatar request

since ive been a member, ive had MARVEL avatars, id like to switch it up now, and id like something metallica. a friend pitched a Metallica/Doom idea to me. im thinkin, if possible, doom, with the metallica ninja star swirling around him, instead of his rocks.

if anyone has any ideas of a metallica or metallica/Doom avatar, or something they would like to do for me, please post up.

p.s. i tossed this together in a few minutes… i dunno, somethin to wokr with, asnyway its one idea…

Post up some more stars( not as bmp, please :slight_smile: ), and I’ll try to get on it. But only because you’re still wearing the av I made for you about a year ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

kool, i posted that pic as just an idea, but if u can keep the doom color, and the headline… that would be kool… anyway, i hope this pic of the star will do. thanx for tryin…

hey, Soul, i was just wonderin where i stand in the line of requests

My bad. I have a habit of just going straight to my request thread.

check here: http://shoryuken.com/forums/thread55027.php I just updated the list. I’ll Get to yours soon.