Dr doom solo incoming character set ups



What are some SOLO incoming character set ups you guys use? For an incoming character after you kill one and set ups after a snap back? Im curious to see what people do cuz i need help with this lol


I’d start with timing sj.S on incoming . It is ambiguous, safe on block with a dash, and easily confirms into a combo.

There’s other stuff to learn but this should be posted in the Doom thread. More people will answer if you respost it there.


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Up till now I’ve been using staggered hidden missiles to lock my opponent down then going for high/low blockstrings.


Usually its just staggered missiles followed by some ambiguous air dashes combined with j :m:

Sometimes I go high, sometimes I go low. I definitely feel like Victor is one of the best characters for this and this is one of the stronger parts of his gameplay.


:a1: + :a2: with Ammy anchor.


Strider cross-overs and unders.

Generic drone pressure otherwise.

Missiles xx THC > Low/High when solo.


Super jump up, air dash down :m:, depending on when you perform said air dash it hits on either side of the opponent. Im not sure how well this works when he is by himself but Im gonna assume its still effective.

Although I recently saw someone perform a j.:h: and when it got pushblocked he dashed up and air threw them.


The thread title says SOLO incoming setups… meaning without assists.


A simple well timed tri dash into a st.S can be very ambiguous depending on when you time the tri dash. S has a huge hitbox that just hits very weirdly sometimes.


Oops, my bad, it does say solo. Well, I included one of my solo setups there. Also, I use what cheech said.


What i do is set up some missles, and as soon as the opponent comes in i dash under and do photon array super.


What purpose does this serve? You can’t combo off it can you?


depends on how the missiles hit. But it really doesn’t seem like a very good option…


I donno, in my head, I can’t figure out a scenario where you’d have time to launch missiles, dash, super AND have the missiles timed so that they allow for a combo extension. On incoming, you can only fire off like 1-2 missiles if you want time to do a dash under. If you then did do a dash under, the missiles would most likely hit in the middle of the super.


idk why, but I lol’ed hard when I read that.


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Think of it like this, you already killed one of your opponents characters(maybe evern two depending on when you have doom available to do an incoming mixup). By then you will have a feel of how your opponent is playing. you know whether or not he will try to block or press a button while coming in. If he presses a button he will get hit by the super and missles, you can then x factor or just give the damage as is. If he tries to block theres a 50/50 chance he will still get hit. block damage alone is still a good reason to this , plus its very hard to punish doom after that super(especially when they are falling from the air). This type of mixup is very situational like i said, so i wouldn’t recommend doing this most of the time.


During your super, the freeze frame gives them plenty of time to react and choose the right side to block, so it’s not 50/50, more like 1%. The only reason they might get hit is, as you mentioned they come in hitting a button but the fact that you set up missiles will make them hesitant to push a button therefore taking away your only chance of hitting someone with a Doom dash speed cross under raw super.


Depending on when you do the super it doesn’t, and even if it does it crosses you up because you will either fall in-between the array or get hit by the first set of beams. In that split moment your opponent will have to know if he has to block a cross up or just simply block. The missiles are just a ploy but can sometimes be beneficial to confuse your opponents mind set during a match “Oh shit missiles are coming, better block, wtf I still got hit”


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