Dr.Doom TAC Options



When I do an aerial exchange from one character into Doom I’m unsure of what to do. What are some of the reliable and damaging options I have? How do these options change when you are in the corner and when you are not? Thanks!


I’ve seen people do the j.M flight combo, but I think there are better ones you can do.

Hopefully someone else here can give you a better answer.


What’s the j.M flight combo?


People call it M&Ms. After you launch with S do M, air dash forward, M, Fly, (M M air dash forward) 4 times. midscreen, finish with finger lasers. corner finish with towards H, j.S


Do you air-dash before flight after Doom TAC’s in?


Thanks Chima!
Hey Max I think once you TAC into Doom you do the combo Chima mentioned except for the initial S launcher. So it would just be:
M, air dash forward, M, Fly, (M M air dash forward) 4 times


Okay, cool. I’ll give that a try next chance I get. Thanks.


[FONT=Helvetica]Yeah that’s it exactly. I forget how many times you can air dash forward, but I think it’s 4. I rarely use M&Ms[/FONT]


What do you use other than M&Ms after TAC’ing Doom in?


Oh no. I meant I don’t use M&Ms because I don’t TAC (unless it’s an accident). M&Ms is only useful for TACs and I think it’s Dooms only good option.


Okay, I think I got it. I don’t think this is new to most anyone here, but I’ll post it just in case.

After a TAC into Doom:

:m:, AD:f:, :m:, :qcb::s:, :l:, :m:, AD:f:, :m:, :m:, AD:f:, :m:, AD:f:, :m:, :qcb::atk: :atk:

This works on all characters I tested this against, including Arthur. Didn’t remember Rocket Raccoon, though, so anyone else is free to try it out before I get back home.



if we don’t care about damage ire meter might as go for style. Anyone know the notation for 3:49?


looks like…

[TAG IN] immediately --> L, M (1 hit), F+H, Air dash forward, L, M (1 hit) xx Flight, L, L, air dash up, L, L, air dash forward, L, L, M (1 hit), Air dash up-forward, M (2 hit) xx Photon Array


anyone know the notation for this combo? does he air dash forward after he goes into flight?



He air dashes straight after flight. There are actually easier versions of that same combo without using the foot dive. You can sphere flame too if you don’t have 3 bars.


heres my favorite. rememeber the capital M is 2 hits

Down TAC
M,M F+H, ADF, L,m, -fly- L,L, -ADUF-, L,L, M,M-ADF-M,M-ADF-M,M ADF M,M H(3 hits) -flight mode stops here-
m, m, Low plasma beam, M, molecular shield, sphere flame

its practical and its still somewhat flashy. the hardest part IMO is the jab, jab, aduf, jab,jab.


another in the corner that is pretty practical is TAC Down, L,L,M,m -ADU- L,L,M,m -fly- M,M-ADF-M,M-ADF-M,M-ADF-MM, H(3 hits) -flight mode ends here- m, m, Low plasma beam, M, molecular shield, sphere flame

if you do the low molecular shield fast enough, you can level 3


How do you do the M&Ms like ChrisG does. I know they’re kind of out dated now that you can just infinite but I’d like to learn them anyways.  I’m talking about the ones where you do the M&Ms and end up all the way down aand then molecular shield and sphere flame