Dr.Doom's tri jump?

I read somewhere that 1 of the many reasons that Doom is/can be considered top tier is because he has a tri jump. I’ve watched a few mvc2 match vids of people using Doom, but I don’t really see people using it much except after they kill their opponent’s character and use it for a crossover on the character comming in. So can someone explain to me how doom’s tri jump works, and whens a good time to use them?

Any character with an 8-way airdash has a tri jump (off the top of my head Storm, Magneto, Ironman, Dhalsim, Doom). They all work the same way. Doom’s tri jump is just really slow so it’s easy to block. As for when to use it, just use your common sense. If there’s a safe opening and they’re on the ground and in range, then feel free to use it. If they have an assist like psylocke that they haven’t called yet, then it’s probably not a good idea.

Doom can sj cancel his c.hk without it touching someone, so in theory you could do block strings like, c.lk, c.mk, c.hk sj cancel, tri jump lk or sj Instant hk.

putting things like that with assist can cause messy situations, also instant of rushing, you could also just dash back after you sj cancel and do his hp to cover u up, then land and start a keep away game with your assist, and dooms beams/lasers.

it’ll take awhile to learn to sj cancel out of the hk, but i guess if you wanna learn how to play a better doom it’s one thing to try?:wonder:

wow, i didnt know u could sjc a blocked attacked. imma try that cuz that would open up more avenues.

^it’s not that it hits, you sj out of the c.hk before it touches the oppenent.

thats why u do c.lk, c.hk(sj out before it touches) and do a tri jump.

you can call assist to keep them lockdown, and go for cross ups.

Doom & Sonson are the only characters that can sj out of a normal before it touches. I don’t know what normal it was for Sonson tho.

Just a bump for the S/D players.This page shouldn’t be dead

its not that it is dead, its just by numbers of ppl playing alone, there are only so many active topics at any given time.

There are lots of times when you can triangle jump with doom and once you get it down, you will land more air combos off that then on the ground.

the trick is not to do it to early, he has to be at the lowest possible point in the dash for everything to connect (know how when you jump up then dash down and dont throw out anything you kinda linger at an invisble plane? this is where you throw out the attack) the buttons are j.lk j.mp dash in and combo. What is nice is it kinda looks like a dash since doom jumps when he dashes, so you could also dash, triangle jump.

I guess the best way is after a HK throw after an air combo, you can either go low, unblockable, rethrow, triangle jump, or if you jump a little higher you can triangle jump for an over head on the other side but that is kinda tricky.