Dr. Dre to become the first Billionaire in Hip-Hop, Beats to be bought by Apple




I knew Beats were big, but holy shit. :rofl:



I also didn’t know beats was big. I kinda heard of it but I dont mess with those giant headphones.

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  2. This was thread worthy.
  3. Should have posted the info in thread form, that way you wouldn’t be complaining right now. :tup:


They have different sizes. I own a pair back from when Monster was selling them (I won them from a contest; no way I’d spend that kind of money for headphones). The big headphones are probably the studio ones.


I bought a pair of the HD’s a year or two back. My 50 dollar sonys were better and more comfortable, not to mention about 400 dollars cheaper. although not as “fashion forward”, they were definitely not worth it. Props to Dre and co. for hustling hustlers and then selling out in the american dream fashion. :tup:


Beats suck. Easily breakable. Shity product. Apple would buy snow in a snowstorm.


Eazy was right, Dre is a money grubbing bitxh.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Dre sold his soul out to the Illuminati.

I keep it real doe… Eating nugs of loud, and a pantry bigger than your house. Gaybach music?


This is great news. Beats Headphones offer some of the best sounds at the best prices, while dollar for dollar, Apple electronics can’t be beaten.
Soon the consumers will be able to choose QUALITY over expensive name brands that do nothing to improve the experience.


Apple beats 3.2 billion of it’s Chinese employees?



I need to set up my lemonade stand in front of Dre’s house.
Share the wealth mo fo. Spread some of that cheddar.


This man right here speaks the truth. Used my brother’s beats for a few months a couple of years back and the right cup blew out on me.
Tell me though, which headphones are good for everyday use?


Beats headphone is alright but in my view Sony headphone is rank higher.


$200 headphones that cost $14 to make. Worth $3.2 billion.

You just can’t make this shit up.


Does this mean he’s never gonna release detox?

Huge fan of him, its about buying into the brand. Kinda like apple. Apple products are a luxury brand. I bought beats cause its got Dr Dre’s name on it and he is a god. No complaints about the headphones. Haters gonna hate, but he’s sick rich now. All those other chumps like HOV rapping about how rich they are now look wack in comparison


Gotta love how strong brand recognition is! People that buy them are the same people who spend 50+ on HDMI cables…


Yall just too broke to buy beats. If they are easily breakable THEN TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Shit dont need to be covered in diamond for the clumsy everyday consumer that wants quality headphones that they can also drop 500 times.


Over priced crap that people buy because they’re popular. Yep, sounds like a perfect fit for Apple.


The Luda ones have an S on them

The Snoop Dogg ones have weed in them. :smokin:


does this mean its Dre Day and everybody’s celebrating?


“An apple a day, and Doctor Dre gets paid”

Master P no longer #1 Net Worth, lol