Dr. Mario Good Players


Hey everyone just wanted to know if there are any good dr. mario players?

if so my friend code is


letsa go!


hold up what dr mario has online play? when did this happen?


Dr. Mario FC: 3644-0359-3283
Wii Name: MLE

I’d love to play some good players too - I’m usually on late, 12am-1am EST but I’ll host a game and hopefully someone’ll join.


yeah let me find my fc for it then ill post it



Just copped the bitch a couple of days ago.

I’ll add y’all up, y’all add me up.

Same song and dance as always.


Wii name: GORDI
FC: 6917- 4985- 0951

Hit me up! Let’s run some fuckin’ Doctah Mahreeo!

PM me if you add me.

Edit: Added everyone on this page so far.


Wii name: GumbyJones
FC: 7100-7248-5731

add me wheneva and lets do the damn thang!!! im ready



I’m not good, but I like playing.

I’ll get my FC once I get home and post it.


so far i’m way better than most people i’ve played online so it would be nice to be put in my place

4367 0772 6037 0623


That’s not your Dr. Mario friend code.
It should only be 12 digits long.


o ok. here’s my dr mario code



my wii name is Roon

i just added everyone

So far i’ve played mostly classic. you guys play classic, flash, or that virus buster thing?


WELL MY FRIEND CODE FOR DR. MARIO IS 8501 2064 2671:woot:


I’m planning on getting this. I’ll put up the code asap


I will try to put the codes on asap