Dr. Strange. Say no more

damn dr. strange was looking dope in those new gameplay trailers. He seems to have the tools to top tier. a little early to speculate judging from little bits of information of gameplay. damn i’m excited for UMvC3.

counters all day and a nice otg. he’s like phoenix/modok/dormmamu/and a hint of magneto

What exactly is his lvl 3? It can’t be a command grab since he could combo into it, so is it something like Gravity Squeeze? This game definitely needs more Gravity Squeezes.

maybe its more comparable to she-hulks lvl 3? im actually still not sure exactly how hers works.

hmm how the hell do i delete a thread… mods?

U can’t delete i think

A hyper that beats Akuma’s hyper beam on reaction?? Looks like I’m switching out Trish for Doctor Strange :smiley:

It’s a counter hyper.