Dr. White is now leaving the lab: AE Cammy Combos

alright so I’m gonna do this in hopes that someone jumps on board and helps me out. I’ve been trying to get a hold of a list of links/combos for AE Cammy but it seems like no one has taken the time to do this, so here’s my first attempt at a combo list. keep in mind I’m no combo genius or anything I’m just trying to promote creativity.

If I’m not mistaken all of her links/combos in super still work so I’m just gonna focus on what’s new, by the way cr.mp is now god like

Cr. =Crouching
cs. =Close Standing
xx =cancel
> =link,(2F) is 2 frames to hit it
HSA= Heavy Spiral Arrow (QCF+K)(won’t give you two hits from afar anymore)
Cannon Strike (jump forward QCB+K)
Cannon Spike (DP + Kick)
Super (QCF x2+ K)
Ultra (QCF x2+ K)
FADC= Focus Attack Dash Cancel. Hold mp+mk then Dash forward or back requires 2 ex bars

1.) Cr.lp, Cr.lp, Cr.mp xx SA

2.) Cr.lp, Cr.mp, Cr.mp xx SA

3.) Cr.lp, Cr.mp, Cr.mk xx SA

4.) Cr.lp, Cr.lk, St.lp, Cr.mk xx SA

5.) Cr.lp, Cr.hp, Cr.mk xx SA

6.) Cr.lk, Cr.lp, Cr.mp, Cr.mk xx SA

7.) Cr.mp, Cr.mp xx SA

8.) Cr.mp, Cr.mk xx SA

9.) St.mp, St.hp xx SA

10.)St.lp, St.mp, St.hp xx SA *** Way hard I’m like 1/5 on this one

11.) Cr.lp, Cr.mp, St.hp xx SA

12.) Cr.mp, Cr.hp, Cr.mk xx SA

13.) Cr.lp, Cr.hp, St.hp xx SA

14.)Cr.lp, Cr.hp, Cr. HK *Knockdown

I’m using combos 1&2 for my BnB, they both do more damage than the old Cr.lp, Cr.lk, Cr.lp xxx HSA and it’s variations

combo 4 is a great tool for punishing wiffed combos/specials/supers/ultras

something that I also found is Cr.hp(x2)
it’s hard to pull of and seems kinda pointless but I figure someone can work with it.

Lastly I’ll say this, I thought that her losing the TKStrike would really fuck her but, her pressure just seems so much more fierce than before, I’ve noticed it’s difficult for players to get out of a simple walk up, Cr.lp(repeat) @__@ is she…OP

Thanks Kyriptic

I’ll try to get damage and stuff up as soon as I can

At this point I feel like they are just setting us up for Street FighterXTekken

what about stuff like…

cr.lp>cr.hp > st.hp > mk SA
cr.lp>cr.hp > cr.mk > mk SA
cr.lp>cr.hp > cr.hk for knockdown

There so many random combos listed all over the place now, be nice to have 1 compiled list with dmg/stun numbers to see whats actually worth doing instead of 20 variations of combos not worth doing.

Exactly my point, I’m a noob this stuff I just train and take advice, having never done this before I could use some help

what i found so far:

cr.lk, cr.lp, st. lp, cr.mk xx mk SA

cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mk/mp xx hk SA (using mk or hk SA char dependent)
181dmg/285 stun

cr.lk, cr.lp, far hp xx hk SA (HK Sa won’t hit twice against juri)
193dmg/ 306 Stun

cr.lk,cr.lp,cr.hp,cr.mk xx mk Sa (yun,yang,honda,makoto,akuma,oni, chun li,dictator, fei long, blanka,cammy,rufus)

cr.lk,cr.lp,cr.hp,far mp xx mk SA (dudley,abel,rufus,cody)

cr.lp,cl.hp,cr.mk xx mk SA (works not on juri)

cr.lp, cr.hp, far mp xx mk/ex SA
236dmg/278dmg/ 435/470stun

cr.lp, cr.hp, cr.hk

cl.hp, cr.mp xx mk SA
230dmg/ 320 stun

cl.mp,far hp xx hk SA

cl.hp, far hp xx Hk SA (ryu,ken,honda,ibuki,makoto,dudley,seth,gouken,akuma,gen,sakura,yun,dhalsim,abel,viper,deejay,guy,cody,hakan,guile,blanka,zangief,rufus,el fuerte,claw,boxer,fei long,t. hawk,adon)
all cast but i’m too bad to do it?

cr.mp, cr.hp, cr.mk xx mk SA (honda,gouken*,akuma*,chun li,dictator,cammy,oni,yun,yang,blanka,*rufus,fei long)

  • means u need an initiating attack like ex tkcs

cr.mp, cr.hp, far mp xx mk SA (dudley,abel,cody,*rufus)

cl.mp, cr. hp,cr.mk/far mp xx mk sa aka Sako Combo
286dmg/485 stun

cl.hp,cr.hp,cr.mk xx mk SA (Honda,dictator)

cl.hp, cr.hp, far mp xx Mk SA (Abel)

My Bnbs:
cr.lk, cr. lp far hp xx hk sa
cl. hp, far hp xx hk sa
cl.mp, cr. hp,cr.mk/far mp xx mk sa

Sticky please.

This is beast, thanks.

EDIT: Nevermind, you already listed the sweep combo.

I need to work out how to reliably jab sweep.


I may aswell throw in some BnB combos I use.

cr.lk , cr.lp st.hp xx HSA ( I’m going to see if we can plink with hp~lk to eliminate risk and still get a cancel)

cr.lk , cr.lp , st.lp cr.mk xx HSA (only one hit)

cr.lp , cr.hp , cr.hk

cr.lk , cr.lp , cr.mp , cr.mk xx EX SA

cr.lp , cl.mp , st.hp xx HSA ( this is the bnb I attempt after a crossup I think I will hit)

cl.hp , st.hp xx HSA

cr.mp , cr.mp xx HSA ( for when I’m not feeling the link for whatever reason)

Hey guys im a complete noob and I think I finally found the character I want to use. I have a pretty simple question, which of these BnB’s do you think are the most used and are the easiest to complete for someone new to the game? Eventually I will learn them all but im more interested in other aspects of the game and just need a few good BnBs to work with.

where should i post this:

Vs Abel:

cr.lp, cr.hp, far hp, hk sa x2 doesnt crossunder abel in the corner :stuck_out_tongue:


Something simple I use, just because it looks flashy/puts on a lot of damage for relatively no effort.

(Optional jump-in) EX TKCS, Cl. HP xx SA.
(302) 261 damage. Forgot to look at stun.

I guess most of these combos would work after an EX TKCS. Thanks for the compiled material, got stuff to practice when I get home.

after EX TKCS i ususally opt for the cr.hp > st.hp > mk SA
I think it does like 320 dmg dunno for sure

You should ask this in the beginner’s thread

but the FIRST one you should learn is

cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lk xx SA (mk.sa or hk.sa) - pretty easy to do and very easy to hit confirm

Jumping HK, cr. mk xx h.sa (lol, easiest combo to do best dmg for jumping over fireballs… )

then these

CSpike FADC CSpike
CSpike FADC Ultra
cr.lk, cr. lp, cr mp xx m.sa

then you can do harder things like the other combos listed

from “Zoco Loco”

cr.lk, cr. lp far hp xx hk sa
cl. hp, far hp xx hk sa
cl.mp, cr. hp,cr.mk/far mp xx mk sa

Hi all. Here are a couple of BnB’s I’ve been using and some nice cross-ups.

BnB’s (hit-confirmable):
-For shotos (may work on some others as well)
– cr.lp, cr.lp, st.hp, far st.hp xx hsa (2 hit! Great for FADC and brutal stun)
– cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hp, cr.mk xx hsa (1 hit, but players often stop blocking and get counter hit by cr.hp or cr.mk)

-Works for: http://www.teyah.com/ae/2-hit-hk-arrow.gif
–cr.lp, st.hp, far st.hp xx hsa

Cross-up/Cannon Spike (CS) follow ups:
These hit off of deep jp.lk and low, heavy cannons spikes (hcs)
–jp.lk/hcs, st.hp, far st.hp xx hsa (2 hit) ------> this is a great cross up combo; it gives the 2 hit sa knockdown that is ripe for consecutive cross-ups.
–jp.lk/hcs, cr.lp, st.mp, far st. hp xx hsa (2 hit) ----> slightly simpler timing due to the cr.lp

*Random note: st.mp now can be cancelled (kara’d?) into 2 hit sa. It looks goofy, and comes out early in the animation. I don’t know if this is useful at all. Maybe it can just serve as an easy link into sa.

Hey guys, I’ve been messing around with Cammy in Training mode, and thanks to her AE changes she can combo out of cr.hp with either crouching/standing jab and standing short with what I’ve been trying so far. Standing short does the most damage out of the three options, but I’m still testing around for other followups. It’s range dependant though, and you have to be somewhat close to your target, so I have no idea on how practical it is. I’ve only tried this on Cody so far, and I’m gonna test with other characters. Here are the combo notations:

-cr.hp, cr.lp xx MSA*
-cr.hp,st.lp xx MSA*
-cr.hp, st.lk xx MSA*

  • If these combos are any use at all, always use Medium Spiral. Heavy Spiral will only hit once at that range thanks to AE, and the damage would be equal to using Light Spiral. Cannon Spike won’t combo at all from what I’ve tried. I have no clue if you could cancel into a Hooligan for mixup shenanigans, or even if it would be wise to do so.

If you guys could try this combo around for a bit and tell me how practical it is please do.

^ pretty sure you should be using cr.mp or cr.mk into spiral arrow to get more damage if you land a cr.hp
or if your confident cr.hp > s.hp > sa

You can link Cannon Spike into any of your combos via cr.lp (so: hcs, cr.lp, cr.hp, cr.lp xx msa). If you have difficulties, focus on doing the cs lower in the air, which can be a little subtle. Also, as kyriptic said, you should replace your lights with mediums for more damage/reach.

P.S. You’re combos are shades of grey away from Cammy’s cr.hp, cr.lk/cr.mk xx hsa combo in SSF4. Try to post new stuff! :slight_smile:

I have been struggling with pulling this one off in matches, but it has potential:

-cr.lp, st.hp, far st.mp xx heavy hooligan roll

It’s not really a combo, since the hooligan can be ducked or dp’d (etc.), but no one expects to see this especially if you link the st.mp into spiral arrow a couple of times earlier in the match. In addition to being unexpected and resetting damage-scaling, it provides back-throw positioning for a cross-up.

The major danger in using this is if your opponent is just mashing dp to punish dropped combos. Definitely test your opponent’s DP-disposition, or whatever you want to call it, before trying this.

Goin to give some input in here peeps :slight_smile:

Regarding the “gif” MondoMole posted above(about c.hp > s.hp xx H.SA), for Hakan/El Fuerte u need to land a jump attack or a focus for the combo to work, as for T.Hawk u need to cancel with M.SA.

Dunno if any1 knew this, but i figured it would help.

Im liking AE Cammy much more than SSF4 Chocolate Ver. of Cammy.


only works on chun so far

crlp, crhp, crlk xx ex SA, CS 302/490