Draft Mode


Draft Mode
-Each player take turns banning a character
-Then players take turn choosing their characters but the same character can’t be picked twice

I think MvC3 would be better played as a draft mode game where players take turn banning and picking. It would broaden the meta game and force players out of their comfort zone because they can’t pick the same 3 characters all the time.

For example if I think a character is overpowered or i know my opponent likes to pick a certain character I can ban him or pick him first.

Also we will see more variety in top level games instead of the same match-ups once people figure out the tiers.


I don’t see how forcing a player “out of their comfort zone” is a good thing. The best matches come from when both players have come up with amazing stuff for characters they’re playing.

Not to mention, all you’re doing in a mode like this is shifting the top tier of characters. You still have the same issues with tiers and what not, you’re just adding an extra unnecessary layer to the process (that makes the second best tier the de facto best tier).


No. Sorry. This isn’t HoN/DotA… people spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours mastering specific characters in fighting games.


.1 read the rules

.2 Dis ain’t smash bros, matter of the fact, THEY don’t even do that. This is like some 5 year old who is salty that people pick certain characters and states out are not allowed to use them

.3 The game is the game, you can’t change it. If it ends up being unbalanced than oh the fuck well, you still have YOUR choice of designing your own team.

.4 “Hey I practiced so hard with this team, i think that i am going to win”

“no Viper”

“well that’s a bunch of time wasted.”

.5 Placing would be more random than random select team.

.6 (Someone is salty from mvc2, U STILL mad son?)


That’s an interesting idea, but it’s not really something that’s going to be viable to implement outside of you and your friends. Good luck. :smile: