Draft pick/Character Bans tournaments?


I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends lately and one thing I really enjoyed about the game (and other MOBAs) was the inclusion of a draft mode. If you’re unfamiliar with what a draft game is, it basically goes like this:

  1. Both teams alternate banning three characters
  2. Whatever team got the first ban also gets the first pick
  3. The other team gets two picks, and then alternates like that until both teams have their full 5-man team.

I personally think this makes the game a lot better and really shows the skill of all players even more so. It promotes variety in character selection (making tournaments much more enjoyable to watch, instead of seeing the same 7 or so characters every time the top 8 rolls around), and truly shows what the players themselves are capable of. Players have to know multiple characters and team comps, making mistakes and errors much more possible, while at the same time showing their versatility as a gamer. In my mind there isn’t anything more proving of skill than working at a disadvantage.

I’m sure I’ll be the minority in this, but I would love to see a tournament run on draft game rules, even if it doesn’t become the norm. I should note that I haven’t been following the pro scene as well as I used to, but I remember the game being dominated by the same 3 or so anchors and not too much more variety in point characters. The game needs to move away from this.


it takes WAY more time to get good at a character in a fighting than a character in league of legends… and there is plenty of character diversity in Marvel…

I’d rather watch a player that spent hours specializing on one char than a player that plays a lot of chars at a mediocre level.


Ban in marvel? I dont understand


I thought I was on Unity for awhile there… but seeing as I’m not, I’m glad I can reply with a “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!”


That explains this thread.

Look I love MOBAs myself (Dota 1 player now playing Dota 2) but the reason they have character bans is because the game is not balanced in any sense of the word. There are too many factors in MOBAs that make it near impossible for the creators to balance the game properly and not have a specific character be broken. Unlike MOBAs fighting games don’t have items that make characters godlike or “gosu” which makes it easier to balance because the only thing you are balancing the characters against are other characters without any other x-factors (lol).


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Teemo and Shaco are OP on LoL, thats why the ban…


Make it happen locally. It shouldn’t be hard. Report back. :tup: