Dragon Age: Origins

Having the Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon age threads as one isn’t going to work. So I created one for Mass Effect 2, and one for DA:O.

I got this game recently but haven’t had time to play it. I’m afraid it will steal my life away and I have finals around the corner.

Anyway, discuss!

No, because the bioware thread started as the mass effect thread. Then at the tail end it got merged and turned into a dragon age thread. I’m not going to go through and start merging posts, or pruning posts just to make it coherent. Also, somebody that wants to talk about one game might not want the other one spoiled. Hence the seperation.

You guys can deal, right?

been playing this basically all weekend and i am a big fan i must say.

I’m playing through on hard and it’s extremely unforgiving lol. nothing eats at your soul more than just killing a dragon only to lose to a horde of skellies in the next room and having to redo it :S

I have since started saving after every fight basically. I’ve lost waay too much game time repeating certain parts.

One thing i have noticed is that ranged dps is the way to go. with the FF mechanics on spells it’s really tough to try and work in spells like Cone of Cold or even AOE bombs.

and finally:


this game has stole my soul. i even rushed to 50 in borderlands in anticipation. doing an aoe mage right now, pretty broken cause you can line of sight with area moves. i really want to start a rogue now though, watching the computer play…and those fucking boxes. damn you. i’ll be back for you.

Doin pretty well. My party is in the level 15 range. Just finished off Orzammar. Doin the Mage circle atm. Then i’m going to go off to the Brecil forest to finish up the Revenant quests there. Then I’m going to gather my party and go back to the High Dragon, see if I can’t take her down.

Really lovin the game. I love the difficulty and combat. Someone said they were losing steam after playing the game a while. I don’t feel that way, I’m drawn to the game because it’s so traditional.

There’s also so many references to Baldur’s Gate II here.

Female Tavern keep who’s really snarky in Denerim named “Edwina.” In Baldur’s Gate II, Edwin got turned into a female in one of his sidequests. he calls himself Edwina in this form, also, his ending talks about him getting turned into a Woman again and becoming a bitter old woman tavernkeep.

When you leave a big area it asks you if you want to “Gather your party and venture forth.”

Great game. Best RPG since Baldur’s Gate II. Hands down.

Revenants are tough but they can be beaten, whoever is tanking the revenant, make sure they drink a frost protection potion. There are lots of them around. That helps a lot.

Debuffing Revenants works too. Even though they’re immune to cold, I highly suggest using cone of cold on them. It still freezes them, even if they take no damage from it. Rotate your CC’s. Make sure you melee dpsers are flanking the Revenant so they get the proper attack bonuses.

(Notice how the red targetting circle under an enemy has a section that’s blackened off? That’s their flank, if a melee attacks them at that angle they get attack bonuses. Some enemies can’t be flanked though.)

The trick is not to waste your casters’ mana on damaging spells, keep your party alive, and reserve mana to keep him debuffed and crippled. Cone of Cold, and the higher hex spells work great. Stone fist is another great spell that’s pretty good at keeping revenant’s knocked down.

EDIT: it’s important to keep your party spread out. Otherwise He’ll cleave your party dead in 2-3 swings.

Where does one find someone to learn the Duelist Specialization?

Yeah my characters are still fairly low level(8-9ish). And I am running tank rogue(myself) 2h warrior and mage.

it works really well most of the time but revenants eat me alive with their cleaves(hits my rogue who is standing behind for some reason too…). Do the name colours have any bearing? like is an orange named mob too high a level for me to attack?(i’m in the Werewolf ruins for perspective)

The Brothel in Denerim has someone that can teach you. You have to play a card game with her for her to teach you, I think you need good cunning or dex to win.

NPC name colors just mean that that particular NPC is always going to be x levels above you.

For the Duelist unlock, if you don’t have high dex, bring Leliana and she’ll eventually help you win.

Anyone know where I can find the Champion specialization?

How to unlock class specialization:

Spoilers alert…well minor ones.

it’s not technically x levels above you. It’s more of the status of the mob. Yellow mobs are elite and beefier than white ones. Orange mobs can’t be shattered. then you have Boss mobs.

so i just cheesed the hell out of an Arcane horror lol. As i stated before my party is currently melee stacked with the above classes. I attempted the mob the first time and got rocked hard. Went back the second time made my tank and 2h warrior hang out up top and my rogue and Morrigann went down and bowed and staffed attacked it till it was dead lol easiest 142 xp i’ve got in the game so far lol.

EDIT: thanks for the clarification on the mob name colours. Also i thought Ogre’s were supposed to be hard? I roll them like nobodies buisness…

EDIT #2: Also i think i’m going to go ranger duelist with my rogue…

That’s how you’re supposed to beat it. If it’s the one i’m thinking of, it teleports away and casts tempest everytime melee gets close to it.

yeah that’s the one. I felt like i was being dirty though lol.

Okay so now I’m IN the Redcliffe castle. Jesus Christ it seems every 3-4 fights I land in one that I have to do 5 times before I get it right. I can’t take out the pack of Mabari hounds (so I just skip them) and right in the next hallway I get flanked by shitloads of enraged undead. Goddamn!!!

I love how unforgiving this game is. I installed that archery hotfix so i could make my mc an archer and holy shit are some of the rooms painful.

The bottom levels of the ruins in brecillian forest are a bitch. There is one room where you have at least 12 skeleton archers in a huge room that is littered with inferno traps. The hotfix made the game a lot harder but I’m having a lot of fun with my archer.

That room is easy when you figure it out. The statues with raised swords will spit fire if you walk in front of them. You have to navigate around them and you wont get hit by the traps.

No problem RC, my bad for asking dios to merge my mass effect, dragon age, AND the kotor mmo thread I guess it would be easier to talk about all things bioware in a single thread. I didn’t think about potential for spoilers between the games which is a big deal with games that have such emphasis on story, do you think all 3 mass effects should have their own thread? just curious.

Dragon age is probably the hardest game of this generation, seriously the first revenant raped my party though I have 3 mages so maybe that’s why lol. The game is probably easier for me then others because I use mot of my points on magic so I cast tempest outside a door then inferno through a wall right into the middle of a group of enemies so while getting burned they run into the tempest!

Meh I think Demon Souls wins that title but yes this game likes to put in its gut checks.