Dragon Bal Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Tier List 2020

The newest version of the Tenkaichi 3 tier list has finally been released. Many different lists have been made by various top players from different regions. Due to a large roster, it takes a long time because a lot of versions are made before a setlist is released. Primarily with ranking the high and mid-tier characters. Although the competitive scene is rather unknown to many North Americans the game is still thriving with a dedicated player base in Latin America and parts of Europe.

For any questions fill free to ask as I know most of you reading this may wonder why the hell people are playing this from game 2007 on a competitive level.

Interesting, do you have some high level gameplay of BT3? I loved this game back in the day but I can’t see it as a competitive fighter.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Here is a match from the grand finals between two really good bt3 players.

If you were wondering why 17 has a high placing it is because the following:

If you were wondering why 17 has a high placing it is because the following:

  • Highest ki regeneration of all the androids and in the game
  • A blast super called Power Ball that stuns on block and can be easily used at the end of combos
  • Since he has a fast Ki regen with Power Ball super that doesn’t require much Ki it’s one of the few supers in the game that can be spammed.
  • Great melee combos that can easily be ended with supers or ki blast traps
  • One of the second fastest character in the game.

As for legendary super saiyan Broly his ranking stems from that he breaks the game on a fundamental level

  • Highest amount of super armor in the game
  • Doesn’t receive much knockback from any melee attacks
  • 1 unblockable super attack and 1 unblockable ultimate attack that is extremely fast and forces your opponent to just take it
  • Biggest non-giant character in the game so it’s harder for characters to evade his melee attacks
  • 4 bars of health at the start

That’s beyond wild. How do these guys even keep up with this? If I’m remembering correctly these games had a bunch of moves and 1-off contextual interaction type shit going on.

It really boils down to continuous practice and actually analyzing what you are doing. The game is limited in .The game is heavily dependent on character optimization, execution, and almost frame perfect movement. For example A character like Perfect Cell and not Super Perfect Cell is the best because he has the best of all worlds in terms of supers and melee attacks but he suffers from having a high skill requirement. In terms of comparisons to other fighters Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tekken 4. Another Example A character like Super Trunks who is extremely slow and rather useless in a 1v1 due to his size. On the other hand he starts the match with almost max level ki which would give him a high advantage since he can resort back to his base or super saiyan who have some of the best melee attacks and combo conversion in the game. Also they contain a rush super that tracks and can be converted into an easy ki charge or dash into ki blast maneuver.

I used to like dragon ball z when I was a kid. I remember freeze sega