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We need Gotenks and Broly

Villains? Kid Boo, Dabora?, Janeba, Kooler and giant villain.


im still sticking with my 24-30 characters… although I guess if the idea of holding select or whatever on a character brings up their EX version, which I think is plausible so goku, blue goku, gohan, mystic gohan etc I guess there could be a few more. But point still stands if you look at the character select screen visually/conceptually how its laid out theres only room for 24-30 sooooo…

If we go with the idea of they have been releasing 2-4 characters a month… I agree wouldnt be surprising to see them do a couple or a few characters from each arc, each sorta gimmick. Buu arc gimmick… Fusion gimmick, movie gimmick whatever… So till feburary that would mean at least 8 more.

Still going with kid buu, mystic gohan, gotenks, vegito(blue as super tacked on dont waist a extra slot on another version of him). Beerus, hit, maybe a goku black or zamasu. Again with that you pretty much have everyone that is important to the lure.

So thats bare minimum 24. Unless you say the ex characters dont count, which gives you another 3 slots, to add something random like a dabura or something who doesnt matter in the grand scheme of the series but I guess you could still give him some wacky moves potentially.

Then who knows a movie DLC pack, broly, gogeta, janemba. The most popular characters from these movies blah blah easy to get in… (I shutter to think bardock I dunno why the fuck people care about him but who knows)

Then maybe a GT pack. Which is kinda a conundrum though because ultimately no one in GT matters besides goku, but it should be represented out of principle. And thinking about it, you know, no goku has a dragon fist still which is weird. So maybe who knows maybe they are saving that move as a super for a GT goku. Hell no goku has a spirit bomb yet either which is strange, but ill still go with the idea that somewhere down the line potentially maybe he will get it in a DBFZ reload or something or as a secret attack like GG has had before. But ya a kid goku from that, or a SSJ4 goku, a gogeta 4, omega shenron. Whatever… again more of the same character but what are you gonna do. Thats dragon ball, no one else is important in GT so to have someone represent the series and not be one of them is weird.

Anyway still pretty easy to get to 24-30(and maybe a smidge more if you believe the idea of a EX character like holding select down on someone)while still representing anyone who matters in the series…


Destroyed West City?

Defintely expecting Goku Black now.

But it could also be a battle with the Future Androids in story.


Future Gohan maybe?


Yoooo you collect dragonball during the match


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Footage of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta: http://gi9641r1.cachefly.net/mp/utilities/gi-brightcoveplayer.html?id=p5588882429001




What happens when you collect all 7? It would be pretty boring if you didn’t have different options to wish for. Will you wish to revive an ally? Full meter? Restore sparking blast? …Panties!?


This DB collection mechanic is gonna be some stupid whacky shit just like Danger Time



Video showing every instance when a ball was gained.


The battle planner for Persona 4 is the battle planner for this game


Man I knew somehow he had to be involved. The more you watch the movement of the characters it does seem similar to P4U.


Is it weird that I immediately thought of the star system from Hokuto no Ken when I saw the Dragonball collection thingy?


The idea that the number of hits you do gives you dragon balls is absolutely bizarre and strange… not sure if in a good way or a bad way since we dont know the reward. So I guess we can assume that whoever did the most requirements since you cant obviously tie with 7 gets their wish? I dunno I guess off hand what would you get? Revives one character? Infinite super for 10 seconds? Heal half life to everyone? Who knows, but I guess it could potentially be strategic if you go with the idea that with the team idea maybe certain teams can hit the requirements easier and maybe people dropping combos on purpose to stay in the range they need…

Although even saying that I do think its a little strange since you share it… imagine your opponent has 4 dragon balls already… you cant beat them now. But you end up doing a combo that fullfills that last dragon ball that was needed, and since they had more than you… they get their wish and you get punished for comboing them. Would be funny to see if there was a bring back to life one character. Imagine killing your opponent with a combo that gives them the last dragon ball so they get revived then kill you. Like… I can see this being exciting on some level in a tournament, like a WTF omg no waaaaay kinda moment. But I can also see it being completely fucking stupid in these kinda situations as well.

Anyway its weird but guess will see this weekend hopefully to see what you actually get for a better real opinion on it.


Pray to god matches don;t turn into getting all the dragon balls first and then proceeding to actual match second, and that entire meta doesn’t revolve around this weird ass mechanic




Wolf fang fist is a rekka on a easy character. Expect yamcha everywhere if he’s any good.


I dont see how it could possibly not involve the meta of the game sense it will be happening beyond the players control at this point. Even if you are not going for it, you and your opponent could potentially be helping each other out with it. Its a potentially fun for the viewer but huge conundrum for the player since logically speaking again, if your opponent got 4 balls before you got any. Even if you get the next 3 during the match, you only benefit them by giving them whatever the dragon balls end up doing. So its interesting again, but potentially a huge clusterfuck cuz youre kinda screwed then. But maybe that will add to the bizarre nature and frantic pace of the game since you would have to drop combos on purpose that could potentially give your opponent the DBs they needed for their wish. Which also leads to the problem with the game that there as it is, really is no reason to “drop” combos and go for resets because techs can not be punished still. Hopefully that is fixed but…

On another note watching those videos, hrmm so does blue goku not have a regular kamehameha then? And not a super that doesnt come down at a predetermined angle? Also blue vegeta doesnt have rapid fireballs but slow ones… Deff look like they are lacking some important things that their regular SSJ versions have. And as we can see in this video the idea that they are to fast to control was complete nerd PR nonsense to make them seem different because they are a little faster. Anyway they look interesting though, deff have some things and dont have some things that the regular ones have from watching that… They dont seem completely redundant at least… reasonably enough considering what you are working with.

Also that video also proves again what I said that piccolos super is considered a ball and can be deflected.

I want to see yamacha and tien videos =x


Inb4 collecting all the Dragon Balls let’s you perform HNK basketball comboes.


Dabura? i think he could get in


Haven’t looked into the videos but I really hope the Dragon Balls don’t turn into a huge mechanic. It would be cool if they were really rare and after 7 were collected Shenron/Porunga showed up in the bg and made the sky dark.